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    The seasonal artifact perks for Destiny 2 Season 22 have been revealed, giving players an idea of how their builds will look in the new season. Destiny 2 changes things up each season with a new seasonal artifact, which grants perks (once known as mods) that can drastically alter the powers of your Guardian.

    Seasonal artifact perks are a big part of build crafting in this role-playing game, so here are the perks and mods you will be able to employ with Destiny 2’s seasonal artifact in Season 22.

    All Season 22 artifact perks in Destiny 2

    Guardians fighting the Hive in Destiny 2

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    Here are all of the perks included in the Season 22 seasonal artifact:

    Tier One
    Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle Piercing Bowstring (anti-barrier bows) Unstoppable Scout Rifle Overload Hand Cannon Unstoppable Fusion Rifles
    Tier Two
    Arc/Strand Siphon Combo: Combines Arc and Strand Siphon mods into one Solar/Strand Siphon Combo: Combines Solar and Strand Siphon mods into one Void/Strand Siphon Combo: Combines Void and Strand Siphon mods into one Origin Perk Specialization I: Greatly improves the benefits provided by the Head Rush, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, Unsated Hunger, and [REDACTED] Origin traits Diviner’s Discount: All Scavengers mods are discounted
    Tier Three
    Thanatotic Tangles: Strand weapon final blows have a chance to generate a Tangle Origin Perk Specialization II: Weapons with the Head Rush, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, Unsated Hunger, and [REDACTED] Origin traits are always overcharged when that modifier is active Elemental Orbs: Void: Final blows with a Void weapon while using a Void subclass have a chance to spawn a Void Elemental Orb. Throwing the orb does damage and makes enemies Volatile Elemental Orbs: Arc: Final blows with a Arc weapon while using a Arc subclass have a chance to spawn a Arc Elemental Orb. Throwing the orb does damage and Jolts enemies Elemental Orbs: Solar: Final blows with a Solar weapon while using a Solar subclass have a chance to spawn a Solar Elemental Orb. Throwing the orb does damage and Scorches the enemy
    Tier Four
    Overload Machine Guns Elemental Fury: While stunned, Champions take bonus damage from your abilities and Elemental Orb damage Communal Pickups: When an ally destroys or picks up a Tangle or Elemental Orb, the Tanlge cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds and you gain bonus damage with weapons matching your subclass for 10 seconds Refreshing Pickups: Picking up a Tangle or Elemental Orb grants energy to your least-powered ability Semi-Auto Striker: With less than 2 stacks of Armour Charge, rapid precision shots with Bows, Snipers, and Scout Rifles generate Armour Charge
    Tier Five
    Monochromatic Maestro: Dealing elemental damage with either your abilities or weapons increases the damage of the other by 10% for 5 seconds Rapid-Fire Ranger: Rapid precision hits made from long range weaken the target Elemental Embrace: Subclass elemental buffs grant you bonus recover and damage resistance against combatant attacks of the matching element type Elemental Munitions: Combatant final blows with Tangles or Elemental Orbs have a chance to drop Special or Heavy ammo Frenzied Stacks: Your Armor Charges grant bonus damage to your thrown Tangles or Elemental Orbs. Your Armor Charge now decays over time

    How to unlock artifact perks in Destiny 2 Season 22

    Savathun in Destiny 2

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    While partaking in any activities in Destiny 2, you will gain experience which will go towards ranking up your seasonal artifact, and as you level up, you will gain extra power levels to go beyond your gear level, and also unlock perks.

    Each perk costs one point, and you will need to purchase a certain amount of perks to unlock each tier, going from left to right. Thankfully, with recent changes, you no longer need to reset your entire artifact if you want to make those changes, as you can now refund any perk on the artifact for free and spend that point elsewhere.

    Which perks should you unlock first in Destiny 2 Season 22?

    Ikora in Destiny 2

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    As you are limited by the perk tiers, it goes without saying that you must unlock perks from tier one first. This is probably the most important tier, however, as this is where the majority of the anti-Champion mods are. Each season, which weapons are effective against Champions changes, so your first order of business should be making sure you can stun each type of Champion.

    Make sure you pick up at least one anti-barrier, overload, and unstoppable mod. The choices will largely be decided by which weapons you like to use, but we would recommend going with Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle, Overload Hand Cannon, and Unstoppable Fusion Rifle.

    In tier two, pick up Diviner’s Discount and any Siphon mods that suit your build. In tier three, Thanatotic Tangles is great for Strand builds, and the Elemental Orbs for each subclass are excellent, so choose the ones that work with how you play. If you play mostly with Arc or Void, the Elemental Orbs perks for those elements will be hugely beneficial.

    The perks in tier four are quite situational, mostly of benefit to Strand users who make a lot of Tangles. The Elemental Fury perk is a must-get for most, especially folks planning on tackling Grandmaster Nightfalls this season.

    In the final column, the best options for most builds are Monochromatic Maestro and Rapid-Fire Ranger. Monochromatic Maestro is an amazing perk for any build that uses the same elements across the subclass and weapons, adding a handy 10% damage buff that almost never goes away. Rapid-Fire Ranger is a bit more situation, but the ability to inflict Weaken on enemies, particularly bosses, with just your weapon is hugely beneficial.

    That is it for our Destiny 2 Season 22 artifact perks & mods guides. For more on the game, head to our Destiny homepage, or check out our guide to Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks.



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