Destiny 2 Operation: Seraph’s Shield Puzzle and Activity Guide


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    Operation: Seraph’s Shield is the exotic weapon quest released during Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2. Guardians must venture through the orbital station in an effort to restore the fragmented Warmind AI, Rasputin. But this is not your standard quest, as it works as a mini-raid with mechanics very similar to Deep Stone Crypt. Here’s how to get over it in one piece.

    Operation: Seraph Shield Mechanics


    Scanner Augments are dropped by Scanner Splicers. When equipped (marked by the blinking Scanner perk in the lower left corner), the Scanner Augment reveals and highlights important objects in a yellow highlight. These are typical control panels that need to be hacked. In other cases, they will reveal the path a guardian must take to survive in a room.


    The Operator Augment is dropped from an Eliksni enemy in the same way as the Scanner Augment. It will reveal the active control panel that needs to be triggered. Once activated, the following control panel will be revealed.


    The suppressive augment interacts with floating orbs scattered around a room. Players will stand under the orbs, deal damage to the warded enemy, and move on to the next orb. Once all three are used, there will be a floating red machine exposed. Destroy it to bring down the shield.

    magnifying terminal

    Augmentation Terminals are large booths into which Guardians can deposit the three different Augments. These are typically used to open a door and will always remove deposited polish.

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    Operation: Seraph Shield Puzzle

    launch center

    This room will be a Guardian’s introduction to the puzzles to come. There will be a Scanner Splicer in the room. Eliminate them and get the buff. There are three terminals in the room that need to be hacked. They will be highlighted in flashing yellow and are very hard to miss.

    Engineering Sector

    After heading to the Seraph station, you will need to deposit the raise and go through the door. There will be another Scanner Splicer in the room. Drop them and take the scanner magnification. There will be a terminal on the back wall that needs to be hacked. From there, look in the left front corner, behind a terminal, for a vent. Shoot the vent and move on. There will be another hackable terminal in the next room. Go back to the first room and enter the room that says Gyro Synchronous Orbit. There will be a third terminal to hack.

    Engineering Sector

    Deposit the scanner magnification to open the door to the next section. Kill the mob and get the scanner upgrade. Hack the terminal in the yellow column. Opposite that column will be a door that requires a security clearance. Jump up to the ledge above and shoot the grate to access the ventilation shaft. In the next room there will be a series of three laser grids that alternate between active states. Continue through them to hack the second terminal at the end of the room.

    Before you use the Augmentation Terminal to open the door just to the right, take a look at the four panels to the left. One will flash yellow. This is the terminal you need to hack in the next room. Once hacked, this will open a new door in the yellow room. Head through there to the vertical room filled with turrets. Take out the turrets and go through the door above.

    radiation room

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    In the next room there will be another Scanner Splicer. With the scanner magnifying, look through the window on the upper catwalk. This will tell you the terminals to activate in the room below. You can try to remember this path or use our handy map above. Walk along the path and do not try to jump from one space to another, as this will result in immediate death.

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    Engineering Sector Continued

    Once you exit the radiation room, go through the door and take out the mob inside to get the operator augment. The control panel for shooting will be to the right of the door. Shoot him, move forward and eliminate that mob. In the auxiliary room to the left, there will be four columns behind glass. In the second column on the right there will be a control panel for shooting. This will open the door to the next room.

    After clearing out the mob, head back and to the right. There will be a ventilation shaft to crawl inside. Go inside and there will be an opening. Shoot the terminal on the column inside that room and head back out of the vent.

    Go back to the previous room and look behind the column on the left before the exit. There will be a vent which is now open. Enter and eliminate the enemies that are waiting for you. Through a crack in the window on the far wall there will be another terminal to shoot in a column. Head forward and there will be an open door on the left.

    Clear the mob in the room and deposit the Operator Augment in the Augment Terminal to open the next room. The next room will be the first boss fight for the Guardians. Do what you do best and get them out. From there, to continue, the Guardians will need to be captured.

    geosynchronous orbit

    Retrieve your weapons and get out of your cell. Access the first terminal on your left to allow BrayTech Security Frames access to the ship. Once you’ve dealt with the Eliksni, access the terminal at the end of the hall to continue. Head into outer space and follow the blinking lights to move from one platform to the next.

    Towards the end, there will be an Eliksni with an Operator increase. Take it out to gain the benefit. There will be three terminals to shoot at that will extend platforms and allow you to move forward. Once you are done with your spacewalk, deposit the Augmentation in the Terminal to open the door and go inside.

    Logistics Sector

    The first boss will appear once more. Drop him like he’s hot. In the next room there will be an operator increase. Catch it and shoot the terminals on the walls. This will open the doors on both sides of the room. Head to the left room first, take out the enemies inside, deposit the Operator Augment, and pick up the Scanner Augment. In each room, there will be a terminal to hack. Once hacked, that will open another room in the center room.

    In the next room, deposit the Scanner Augment and pick up the Operator Augment. At the back of the room, there will be a Hanging Column Operator Terminal. Shoot him to open the door to the auxiliary room. Eliminate the enemies, deposit the operator augment and take the scanner augment. Hack the terminal in that auxiliary room, which activates a teleporter in the U-shaped room.

    Operations Sector

    The teleporter will take players to the Operations Sector. Deposit the scanner magnification to open the door. Inside will be an immune servitor and three floating orbs. Kill the Eliksni to grab the Suppressor Augment. Stand under each of the orbs and shoot the server to do some damage. When the Servant is immune again, move to the net orb and repeat the process. Once each orb has been used, a door to a floating red machine will open. Explode the machine to remove the Servant’s shield and kill him. Deposit the Suppressor Augmentation and open the next door.

    boss fight

    The final boss uses Suppressor Augments. There will be three orbs scattered throughout the arena. He kills the Eliksni with the suppressor boost and claim it. Do your damage under each orb to open the doors to the floating red machines. There will be three in cardinal directions around the room. Destroy them to take down the boss’s shield. After two rounds of this, you can upload the virus, claim your loot, and check this mission off your to-do list.

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