Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023: all armor, dates and details


    Ah, it’s that time of year again. There is a chill in the air as the night comes earlier and earlier. Peculiar sightings are occurring throughout the system. Despite Destiny 2’s Vanguard misgivings, there are reports of strange headless creatures lurking in haunted sectors. It’s up to Guardians around the world to fight off the scares at the Festival of the Lost!

    Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 Start Date and Time

    Destiny 2’s iconic Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, begins on October 17, 2023, at 1 pm Eastern time. The event usually lasts several weeks, and since Halloween is a reset day, the Festival of the Lost will likely be extended until November 7, 2023.

    Destiny 2 Festival of Lost Armor 2023

    In January 2023, Bungie sent out an email allowing Guardians to vote on this year’s Festival of the Lost armor sets. This year it’s all about bugs and spiders. Instead of players voting on a topic for all classes, votes are now class-specific.

    A few weeks later, the results were available. 56% of The hunters voted for Team Spider. 72% of The Titans were also Team Spider. The witches opted for Team Beetle, and I can’t blame them. I’m a little surprised the Hunters weren’t Team Beetle, as that would have possibly led to some cool shiny capes.

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    Mysterious engrams and hocus approach

    Mystery Engrams are a new item that does double duty this year. Guardians can turn them into candy or use them for the also new Hocus Focusing. Guardians can obtain the Spooky Engrams by completing Haunted Sectors. Please note that they are not a guaranteed drop and that legendary enchanted sectors have a higher chance of dropping the new engram.

    This year’s Horrible Rampage will be a great way for Guardians to farm exotic armor in addition to Festival of the Lost weapons. Guardians can channel their resources into six different types of engrams, each with their own cost. Please note that there are some important notes about Hocus Focusing.

    • Players must own the expansion the exotic armor piece comes from in order for it to drop.
    • Players do not need to have looted the exotic before for it to drop during the Festival of the Lost.
    • Players will only get exotics for the class they are currently playing.
    Engram Type Mysterious Engram Cost Cost of sweets
    exotic arms 1 mysterious engram 2500 sweets
    exotic legs 1 mysterious engram 2500 sweets
    exotic helmet 1 mysterious engram 2500 sweets
    exotic chest 1 mysterious engram 2500 sweets
    Random FotL Weapon 1 mysterious engram 500 sweets
    Specific FotL weapon 1 mysterious engram 1000 sweets


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    exotic hunter

    Arms Legs Helmet Chest
    swift aeon First-EE5 Assassin’s hood Gwisin Vest
    Athrys’s embrace Gemini Jester Plague Ranger Gyrfalcon T-shirt
    Caliban’s hand lucky pants Celestial Nighthawk lucky raspberry
    Khepri’s Stinger Orpheus Platform Foetracer omnioculus
    Liar’s handshake Radiant Dance Machines Graviton Loss Ophidium Spathe
    Mechanic Trick Sleeves St0mp-EE5 Knucklehead Radar Raiden Flow
    oath Star Eater Scales Bakris Mask Raiju Harness
    Renewal Grips The bombers Wormshell wreath the shadow of the dragon
    Galanor Shards The sixth coyote
    Shinobu’s vote
    The spine of young Ahamkara

    exotic titan

    Arms Legs Helmet Chest
    ACD/0 feedback fence Anteo Wards An unbeatable Skullfort Actium War Platform
    safe eon Dunemarkers Eternal Warrior Armament
    Ash Wake rampant lion Saint-14’s Helm Alpha Lupi Crest
    Citan Wall MK.44 Depart Khepri Horn Shell of the Shooting Star
    Doomfang Pauldrons Pilgrim Greaves Loreley Splendor sacred fire heart
    No backup plans Cradle of the Phoenix Mask of the Silent Heart of Inner Light
    Second opportunity The path of burning steps One eye mask Frost-Z
    Strength Beautiful scars Compensation Annex
    Furious Bear
    Worm God’s Caress

    exotic warlock

    Arms Legs Helmet Chest
    Aeon’s soul Assembler boots Apotheosis Veil chromatic fire
    Ahamkara Claws Geomag Stabilizers Astrocyte verse Mantle of Battle Harmony
    Hold opposite Lunafiction Boots Crown of storms Phoenix Protocol
    Getaway Artist Promethium spur Dawn Chorus Sanguine Alchemy
    Karnstein Bracelets Fire rain Eye from another world Starfire Protocol
    Necrotic grip secant filaments fallen sun star Storm Dancer Bracelet
    nothing handcuffs Transversive Steps Felwinter Helm Radius Eve
    Ophidian appearance The sin of Nezarech Wings of the sacred dawn
    Osmiomancy gloves Dire Ahamkara Skull
    Solar Bracers The deer
    The cunning of winter Verity’s forehead

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