Deathverse: To suspend service in July for redevelopment; let it die


    Technical difficulties. Please go along.

    WTO announced that GungHo Online Entertainment will suspend its online multiplayer title, Deathverse: Let it Die, on all platforms. “To July 18 it will be open to all people and let it live” – the free-to-play shooter will be released, where it will move on, so that it would take over a period of time if the game is relaunched.

    We have experienced a few challenges since the first game began, especially in relation to in-game gamification and lag. We apologize deeply for these issues that might have inconvenienced our players, read the statement from a developer’s website.

    Although we tried a lot of things to prove a certain extent success, we couldn’t solve the underlying problem. The development and operations teams decided on temporarily removing the games while we redevelopDeathverse: Let it die. It was a very hard decision to make. To us, in particular, the possibility of re-releasing the game with significant improvements is necessary in order to enjoy it for a lot more.

    Thank you so much for your constant support of Deathverse: Let it die. We are a huge gratefulness to everyone who enjoyed and enriched the game and its community. In the future, we will do our best to prepare the return of the game. We appreciate your support and understanding.

    Deathverse: Let It die, launched in May of 2022, is a hard-hitting multiplayer battle writhing against the backdrop of a ruined world, after being devastated by a cataclysmic natural disaster. In this new age, the people are entertained by the violent game show, Death Jamboree, which sees all corners of the globe battle for big cash prizes and the satiation of bloodlust.

    Deathverse stands in contrast to its many contemporaries with its cool steampunk aesthetic, its wild and classy character designs and its TV-style presentation, encouraging Twitch viewers to take the action with an e-mail and win. Unfortunately, the title cannot be denied for the wide-assisted audience, pointing at a boring grind mechanic and a plethora of issues of connectivity and matchmaking.

    Hopefully, the coming downtime will allow the developers to relaunch Deathverse in a cleaner and better, tauter state, won’t death Jamboree join the adol a whole whole of shows that remainn’t renewed in season two.


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