Deathbound, a single-player party-based soul-like, hits PlayStation, Xbox and PC this year.


    Developer Trielforge Studio and publisher Tate Multimedia revealed Deathbound last August, a new Souls-like game with a unique class-based twist. Back then, PC was its only platform but now, Sports Informer can exclusively reveal that Deathbound will also be coming to PC later this year, along with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at a date of the day.

    As we learned last year with the reveal of Deathbound, the game wears its soul-like inspiration on its sleeve. However, it aims to differentiate itself within the ever-growing genre of what Trialforge calls a single-player party-based system. Players will control a single vessel that channels various heroes known as the fallen. These are individual characters, each with unique skill sets, combat styles and knowledge, that share a player-controlled vessel. As such, players can switch between different characters, but they will need to do so carefully as not all of them are necessarily in league with each other.

    “Relationships between characters should also be implemented as it greatly affects gameplay,” a press release reads. “The Church of Death and the Cult of Life are at odds with each other. Aligning opposing factions close together in a ship will lead to conflict, resulting in warlike effects. Alternatively, shared beliefs Together strong synergy can offer combat buffs that cast spells. Destruction for the merciless boss awaiting steel and magic, the fallen must fight as one.”

    Trialforge says that in combat, players will charge up an object called a sink meter that is shared across a drop inside the vessel. When the right opportunity presents itself, players can unleash a sync meter to unleash a devastating “Morphstrike” with the combined power of the party.

    Deathbound will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC sometime this year via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. If you want to know how it works, there’s a demo available right now on Steam.

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