Dead Island 2 – How to Change Outfit


    Even if it’s a zombie apocalypse, it’s still important how you look when you’re out on the town. That is why Dead Island 2 players are already looking for new costumes for their slayers. But how to change your outfit in Dead Island 2? As it happens, it can be a bit tricky, but there is a solution!

    How to change costume in Dead Island 2

    To change your outfit in Dead Island 2, go to the character menu and select another. From there, you can enjoy your new look. When you return to the game, you won’t see much more than hands and weapons, since this is a first-person game. But other players will, and that’s important too, right?

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    How to get outfits in Dead Island 2

    You must have the Dead Island 2 Character Pack DLC in order to change clothes. That means you can’t change costumes if you have a base game, since they don’t exist. Therefore, to change the outfit, you need to get character packs that contain cosmetics for your favorite assassins.

    Not all characters have alternate appearances at the time of writing, but the developers have promised that all hunters in Dead Island 2 will get multiple outfits. If there’s a big Dead Island 2 expansion in the works, you can bet there’s going to be plenty of costumes and maybe some new killer! Who knows, maybe Lil Pump’s Dead Island 2 outfit is in the works.

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