Dead cells – early guides



    This guide will explain the very basics of deed sales. It will tell you how to die at least a little less (and some nifty details, too).

    Guide for new players

    Part 1: Motion

    So, you’ve started the game, entered the game and may be thinking to yourself: “How ♥♥♥ what do I do?!”

    Well, let’s start there.

    To get started, select your preferred control option (keyboard or controller. It says using a controller is recommended, but not required).

    • Since I’m a complete ♥♥♥ nerd, I chose to go with a keyboard.
    • To begin with, this is a 2D game, so your movement is WASD/arrow keys for the keyboard and the left joystick/D-Pad for the controller. Quite simply.
    • Jumping is on the spacebar (and I don’t use a controller, so I’m guessing A/X to jump there). Again, what would you expect.
    • Now, your weapons to fight the bad guys. X/Square for primary weapon, Y/Triangle for secondary (on Switch it’s changed, but it’s on Steam, so we’ll be fine).
    • Your skills are easily mapped to LT/RT on Xbox and Switch, but for PS, it’s L1/R1. Change to your liking.
    • Healing is left bumper on Xbox/Switch and L2 for PS. It’s important later, trust me.
    • Using, interacting and emptying the bag (much later) is mapped to the right bumper or R2. Much needed.
    • Finally, pause is on your usual pause button, and viewing the map is on the button next to it. simple

    Part 2: Weapons/Attack

    So, you’ve got your controls and decide it’s time to play the game you bought. To start your run, you get three options for your two slots.

    • A melee weapon (barbarism).
    • A command (strategy).
    • and a shield (survival).

    Experiment with what works best for you, but generally you’ll need a melee weapon and either a bow for long-range attacks, or a shield for blocking (and if you can time it parrying) want.

    In the beginning, you don’t have much to choose from when it comes to your weapons. To enhance this, we want to get cells from dead enemies (roll credits). Sometimes when you stab something to death, they can drop either these blue orbs (cells) or blueprints (rare, but needed). Blueprints can be brought to the end of the level by the Collector, an NPC who won’t kill you (hopefully). These blueprints can make weapons available if you pay a price in a cell.

    Weapons that are unlocked by cells for the first time will be immediately given to you to try out (how cool).

    The more weapons you unlock, the more variety, so unlock them.

    You can also find blueprints for the costumes. These don’t do anything for gameplay, but they look cool and really, who doesn’t want to leave a cool corpse.

    Finally, skills/traps

    You can also find them lying around and they’re mapped to your bumpers (PS) or triggers (Xbox/Switch). Once used, they do what the description says. Read them before you use them, and find your favorites. These can also be unlocked through blueprints and cells.

    Part 3: Territories

    So, you’ve got a door in jail? Good! Go straight ahead and this is your resting place. If you get 30 kills without a hit (or 60 in all later areas), you get 20 free cells, some cash and some cool weapons, skills/traps or amulets. Beating some levels faster (eg 2 minutes for a prison) also gives you the same stuff.

    Once you think about getting exactly 29 kills and the last enemy isn’t found, go ahead and give your cell collector. Or don’t. If you die with cells on you, those cells are gone. no pressure.

    Reforge your weapons with your hard earned money (and cry when the reforges suck) and get mutations. These benefit you in various ways. Find the one you like the most!

    Finally, if you’ve taken damage or are low on healing flasks, go and take a hit of this healing station. Then head to the next area.

    From the prison, you can either go to The Promenade of the Condemned or Dracula’s Castle (DLC) to start. Start by going to the Promenade, as you’ll find a permanent upgrade there.

    Once you make it past the little detour, you’ll find a strange room with lots of enemies and a door that closes behind you. Go in there and kill everything (you can). Once you get the kill, you’ll get a funny run. Let’s get to it (and the next)!

    Part 4: Runes

    So you picked that Vine Rhone? Good! Now when you see some weird green spots on the ground (it looks like a vine, I think?), you can press your interact button, and a vine will appear, allowing you to climb it!

    This unlocks the toxic sewers in the prison as well as the rest of the walkthrough!

    There, you’ll find a new rune, the teleportation rune. While running around you may have seen these strange sculptures. Now with this rune, you can teleport with one! This allows you to go to the Ossuary, where you’ll find another rune (allowing you to break the floor with the yellow markings on them) that will allow you to go to the Slumbering Sanctuary. is, where you will find the last movement rune. From here, you’ll have some new abilities (and optional methods). Enjoy yourself!

    Side note: I’m sure you can still beat the game without any runes, if you have the Castellonia DLC and go to the castle, beat it all, go to the clock tower, etc. It’s silly and it’s not. Very capable.

    Final note: When you beat the game (for the first time), you get another run. I won’t talk about it because spoilers.

    Part 5: Owners

    You stumbled across the Blackbridge while walking through the ramparts, didn’t you?

    Well, there’s a boss waiting for you! The doorman He’s slow, but he has screen wide attacks and ♥♥♥ fighting game super jump, but he’s extremely weak. He also has a barrier-type attack that drains your health if you get caught in it (don’t).

    Beat it and get your rewards. Some cash, maybe a blueprint, some cells and some weapons!

    Then you move on and if you do it without taking damage you get a free legendary weapon. Anyway, let’s move on. Once you can beat the Concierge fairly consistently, you’re now a complete beginner.

    End words

    So, you are now a complete beginner. You’ve defeated some bosses, gotten some upgrades, died a lot. Well, once you beat the final boss, which shall remain nameless for now, you can play on the hard difficulty.

    Each difficulty increase adds something new.

    • general: What you are used to.
    • strict: More enemies, they hit harder, they die slower, and some guy broke some health fountains.
    • Very difficult: Oh great, it broke the rest! Now only has 1 flask charge.
    • Specialist: These bosses hit different and boy did they even take some flasks!
    • Nightmare: Why is everything teleporting to my location! Why are the flasks even gone?!
    • Hell: So that made me decide to tackle what I just had to go through, but on a ♥♥♥ timer!

    And remember! Everything is pain.



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