Dead by Daylight Halloween 2023 Event Release Date, Volume 17, Rewards and More


    The Witching Hour is almost here, and with it the Halloween 2023 event in Dead by Daylight, so we’re here to make sure you know everything about it, including the release date, New tome, and all the rewards you can expect. See

    with the game Filled with terrifying killers including some of the most popular horror franchises like Alien, it only makes sense that the Halloween event is a staple in the Dead by Daylight calendar.

    So, read on to find out everything you need to know about the 2023 Dead by Daylight Halloween event so you can attend some spooky season matches.

    What is the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2023 event?

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    This year, Dead by Daylight is a Halloween 2023 event. Disturbed by daylighta continuation of last year’s Halloween event.

    During this time players will be able to collect. Void energy In matches to give the entity in exchange for unique enhancements and rewards.

    When does the Haunted by Daylight event start?

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    The Haunted by Daylight event will. Commencing on 18 October 2023.the start of Dead by Daylight’s in-game Halloween 2023 festivities.

    A roadmap detailing the sequence of events for Halloween 2023 shows that there is a Halloween Live Stream on October 13, 2023, to kick off this year’s Haunted by Daylight, before the main event kicks off five days later.

    When was Volume 17 released in Dead by Daylight?

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    With the Halloween 2023 event, Volume 17 of Dead by Daylight is released. 11 October 2023and the title is: Commitment

    From the images we’ve seen so far, Volume 17 will include cosmetics for Adam Francis, Dwight Fairfield, Fang Min and The Dredge.

    Worried about Daylight event rewards

    For playing during the Haunted by Daylight event in Dead by Daylight and completing various objectives throughout, you’ll receive a number of rewards, including Cosmetic items And Blood points.

    Apart from this, it will be from 18th October to 6th November. Daily login rewards, In the form of blood points

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    Dead by Daylight Halloween 2023 Event Trailers

    The first teaser for the Dead by Daylight Halloween 2023 event shows Dwight Fairfield enduring some terrifying situations.

    Everything you need to know about the Halloween event in Dead by Daylight 2023. With this information, you’ll be ready for the spooky season the game has to offer.

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