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    Blinking speed Pokemon Go Timed Research is the latest to come along with buying GO Fest 2023: Global tickets. This exclusive quest not only comes with new tasks and rewards, but also gives you the chance to customize your avatar with Carbonic themed boots.

    However, you will have a deadline to do so. So don’t miss out on this limited time event, let’s join the glittering footsteps Pokemon Go Event dates, quests, and rewards.

    Glowing Strides Pokemon GO Dates and How to Unlock

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    Blinking speed Pokemon Go Timely research is still available. Monday, August 1st By purchasing Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global Tickets for $14.99/£13.99 from the Game Shop. After that, the glowing stride will appear in Time Research. the game.

    After purchasing a ticket before the August 1 deadline, Pokemon Go After that the players will have Saturday August 26 at 10am local time Complete all the Glowing Stride Time Research Tasks below to earn rewards.

    Shining Strides Pokemon GO Tasks and Rewards

    The Carbonic Shows you get as a reward for completing the Glowing Asteroids Pokemon Go Timed Research.

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    Part of the only step for this particular set of timed research, the flashing speed Pokemon Go Tasks and rewards are as follows:

    the work Rewards
    Explore 1 km. 1 x Super Incubator
    Hatch 2 eggs exeggcute meeting
    Rotate 10 PokeStops or Gyms. 500 x Stardust
    5 Complete the field research task. 1 x Puffin
    Earn 3 candies while walking with your friend. 1 x Rocket Radar

    After finishing all the above tasks, you can then claim. 3 x Golden Rose Berries, 1 x Carbonic ShoesAnd 3000 XP As your rewards for completing all the glowing steps Pokemon Go the work

    That’s all you need to know about Shimmering Steroids. Pokemon Go Timely research dates, tasks, and rewards.

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