Darkest Dungeon II: Race against the clock in the free new ‘Kingdoms’ game mode later this year


    Developer Red Hook Studios has revealed Kingdoms, a new free game mode coming to Darkest Dungeon II later this year. In a race against the clock, Kingdoms challenges players to find and defeat terrifying threats before they overwhelm the kingdom, which is spread across cities, safe havens and more.

    Kingdoms will be free for all players of Darkest Dungeon II on PC (the game is not available on consoles) and along with new gameplay mechanics, it brings with it three new monster factions: The Coven, Beastmen, and Crimson Courtiers. In addition, Kingdoms can be played independently of the base “Confessions” campaign mode.

    Check out the new Darkest Dungeon II: Kingdoms update trailer for yourself below:

    “Kingdoms is an exciting project for us,” Chris Bourassa, co-founder of Red Hook Studios and creative director of Darkest Dungeon II, wrote in a press release. “If you look at our release history, no game or DLC has ever re-grounded, and we’re proud to continue that tradition here. This new mod brings some of the consistency and roster of the original Darkest Dungeon. will combine management with traversal. Best of all, this is a huge, free update to Darkest Dungeon II, with even more content and value for our players.

    “At Red Hook, we evaluate projects based on their ability to surprise, delight and disappoint. Kingdoms inspires all three. We can’t wait to share more with the community.”

    While defending the kingdom, players will travel across vast lands to collect resources and fight off evil intrusions into the kingdoms. Earned resources can also be used to upgrade your heroes and inns, which can be improved through separate upgrade trees. Similar to the base “Confessions” game mode, Kingdoms will offer unique quest lines for players to complete.

    The Kingdoms update is expected to hit Darkest Dungeon II on PC in late 2024.

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    Are you going to check out Kingdoms in the Darkest Dungeon II later this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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