Dark and Darker Rubberbanding – How To Fix



    Dark and Darker is a fantasy FPS dungeon game for PC with multiplayer. As the game is in early access, players have been facing a few issues with the game’s connectivity, lag, or latency. While developer Ironmace has been hard at work pushing out hotfixes, there are still some issues players are plagued by—most notably rubber banding.

    How to fix Dark and Darker Lag Issues

    Rubberbanding simply means snapping back into a location after walking several steps in a direction, and is most often associated with internet problems. You need to ensure your connection is stable, and your internet is running at a good speed, which I’ll help you with now.


    • Switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, or vice versa.
    • Change your ingame region from the Play tab in Main Menu.
    • Create an exception for Dark and Darker in the Windows Firewall.
    • Add an antivirus exception for the game’s executable file.

    A lot of players are reporting rubberbanding as an issue. In my experience, the issue seems to be resolved when I switch my region to a European one.

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    Open the Blacksmith Launcher and select Launch Options via the Options tab. Here, enter the following codes:

    • dx11

    These options will allow you to force the game to run on DirectX 11, using all of your available cores at the same time. If your rubberbanding is caused by performance issues, they should be resolved by now. If not, lower your in-game settings and try again.

    As the game has had a somewhat rocky release with its early access, the developers are continuing to issue updates to address issues plaguing players. If you’re facing one or several of them, chances are other players are facing the same; you’ll mostly just have to wait for Ironmace to release a hotfix.

    If you want to get your hands on Dark and Darker, check out How to download Dark and Darker here on MyFullGames.



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