Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty New weapons and how to get them


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    Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty brings new weaponry to the table, bringing diversity to combat on the streets of Dogtown. Weapons are crucial to survival in Night City, and I couldn’t wait to see what new parts will be available to destroy robots and cyberpsychos. This guide will cover all of the new Phantom Liberty weapons and explain how to get them.

    All New Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Weapons, Listed

    1 – cheetah

    Cheetah is a Unity variant, a Power Pistol manufactured by Constitutional Arms. This gun works better the closer you are to the target, which exponentially increases the chance of bleeding and crit. To obtain this weapon, eliminate and loot Angie in the GIG No Easy Way Out.

    2 – Guardian HA-7

    Warden is a Smart SMG made by Arisaka that, in my opinion, looks like a power tool from Home Depot. It has a very decent reload speed and very good handling. This weapon is a great choice for your smart arsenal if you’re building Netrunner due to its +50% headshot damage increase and 1.15 second lockout time. To obtain the crafting spec, visit the black market vendor at the Dogtown Football Stadium.

    3 – falcon

    Hawk is a Tsunami Kyubi variant of the Power Assault Rifle. We will get to see this weapon for the first time when we meet with President Rosalid Myers. Headshots from this rifle weaken enemies and leave a mark on them. To get this rifle, look for it in the Kress Street Hideout after Rosalind talks to Reed and leaves the place at the end of the quest Lucretia My Reflection.

    4 – Hercules 3AX

    Hercules 3AX is a grenade launcher, currently the only one of its kind in Cyberpunk 2077. It has very impressive stats, with +50% headshot damage increase, +25 armor penetration, and +20% poison chance. Additionally, it has a 1 second lockout time, which is extremely useful. To get this rifle, raid the armory in the Roads to Redemption mission, near where you disarm the bomb.

    5 – Your Majesty

    Her Majesty is a Unity variant, a Power Pistol removed by Constitutional Arms. This variant offers a suppressor and an empty slot for attaching the scope, which you can use to attach any optic you choose. This gun is ideal if you want to create a solid stealth build in Cyberpunk 2077. You will be able to obtain this weapon during the main quest Get It Together.

    6 – Kang Tao A-22B Chao

    The A-22B Chao is a smart pistol that fires three-round bursts and has an 18-round magazine capacity. If you have the Smart Link cyberware, you’ll double your effective damage, so it pairs well with almost any specialized build. You can buy this weapon from any weapon seller in Dogtown.

    7 – Militech Ticón

    The Ticon is a Tech Pistol manufactured by Militech that comes in several variants. My favorite version is Erebus, which you can get from Reed after completing The Killing Moon quest and fulfilling Songbird’s wish. Offers +100% headshot damage and +25% armor penetration.

    8 – Order

    The Order is a variant of a Rostovic DB-2 Satara, a double-barreled technological shotgun. The main feature of Order is that you can charge it and launch a powerful shot at the enemy. It’s famous for being used by David Martinez, so definitely get it if you’re looking for David’s version in Cyberpunk 2077. To get this weapon, visit Herold in the Dogtown football stadium.

    9 – osprey

    Osprey is an SPT32 Grad variant introduced in the Phantom Liberty expansion. It is a Power Sniper rifle that works on the bolt-action principle. To use it correctly, you need a body attribute of level 10 or higher. To obtain this beast of a sniper rifle, visit Alex’s safe house armory during the Birds with Broken Wings mission. It’s a missable weapon, so be careful not to overlook it when looting the weapons storage.

    10 – Rasetsu

    Rasetsu is another variant of the famous SPT32 Grad Power Sniper rifle. Provides the player with +300% headshot damage multiplier and +50% armor penetration. It has a 1.5 second charge time, so be careful when firing it. You can obtain this weapon as a reward after completing the main mission, You know my name.

    11 – Thermal Katana

    The Thermal Katana is one of the best weapons you can get if you go for the Ninja version in Cyberpunk 2077. It offers +25% armor penetration and +30% burn chance while allowing you to jump towards enemies. Additionally, you’ll get a guaranteed critical if you hit an enemy in the Burning state. You will have a chance to obtain the Thermal Katana during the Disasterpiece mission. Just note that there is a level 20 technical skill attribute requirement.

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