Cute potty in Genshin Impact. Where can I find the decor blueprint?



    The Cute Pot in Genshin Impact is a decor item for the Serenity Kettle. This is a piece of paper that was often found in a Sumeru cafe. Find out where to find the blueprint and how to create a cute pot in Genshin Impact, and which characters will prize for creating furniture with this item.

    Where do you find a cute little flowerprint from Genshin Impact?

    The décor is located in the desert of Sumeru, a pondering point on the pyramid. The chest is covered with a great hide, under which a band of hermits are yelling and playing the high-end halberdier midday thunder. Once you have reached the desert, you can visit the mercenary camp and buy a cute pot from the chest to look at it.

    They did a separate guide to find the spectacular chests of Sumeru.

    How to make the decor Cute potty.

    To make this cute pot, you need to make it.

    Go to Flavour. Put your name in the dialog, choose make me the decoration. A sweet pot, and try to eat it. Crafting time is 14 hours. Go to the Queue menu with Flask of Thickness – with 10 Shrine Treasures – to immediately spawn an item. The bottle is purchased at the Treasury of Fluffy, the submenu Decor.

    Invite friends to drop the pot creation time to 4 hours.

    What’s the Sweet Pot for?

    Use the cute pot to set up 2 sets of décor:

    When placing these sets in the monastery and inviting the above heroes to the Kettle, each one of the travelers will receive a huge congratulations including:

    To earn a prize, talk to his companion in the teapot. This should be the same form of the monastery where the kit is given.

    We hope Genshin impacts Sweet Potty Guide helped you locate the item and plan your retreat. Read about Companion Packs and read Genshin Handbooks on our website.



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