Cut The Head DMZ Mission Guide


    After reaching reputation level 22 for the Phalanx faction in the Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, you will finally unlock the level 5 story mission called Cut The Head. For this mission, you are tasked with deploying to Vondel and activating 4 laptops in a high security area. In this guide, I’ve explained how to complete this quest which rewards you with the exclusive Praetorian Operator skin for Konig.

    Sever Head Phalanx DMZ Mission

    • Exchange for the encryption key at a buy station.
    • Activate all 4 laptops in Market in less than 2 minutes with the encryption key.
    • Extract with the encryption key.

    Items needed for this mission.

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    Below is a list of items you should add to your team before implementing them on the Vondel map. You will need these items to create the encryption key needed for the mission.

    • smoke grenade: Equip it in your tactical slot.
    • Throwing knife: Equip it in your Lethal slot.
    • inflatable lure: Equip it as your field upgrade.
    • strength card: If you already have one in your backpack slot or key stash, take it with you. If not, you can always get them by killing AI soldiers in the DMZ.

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    How to change for the encryption key

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    After deploying to Vondel with the items specified above, try to acquire a Fortress Card by killing the AI ‚Äč‚Äčenemies around you and checking their bodies. In fact you need two Stronghold Keycards For this mission, one to exchange for the key and the other to unlock a safe house.

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    Once you have at least one stronghold card, head straight for the nearest one buy station and open the Barter menu. In the list of items for trade, you will find the encryption key that requires a strength card, throwing knife, inflatable decoy, and smoke grenade to craft. Since you already have these items, you can exchange them for the encryption key right away.

    How to activate the 4 Market laptops in less than 2 minutes

    After purchasing the encryption key, go to the Market POI located in the center of the map. The area is heavily guarded, so I recommend you first take out the bots around the Stronghold building from a close vantage point. Once the area is somewhat clear, enter the building through the entrance marked in the second image and remember, you’ll need a Fortress Key Card to unlock it.

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    As you unlock the building, the two-minute timer will start to activate all four laptops. But there is no need to panic as it is a sufficient amount of time to complete the objective. You will find the first laptop in the couch just when you enter the building through the door that was mentioned above, that is, the west entrance. Get close to the device and you will get the message that says activate laptop.

    Activate the first laptop and move to the second, which should be in the bar across the room. In the meantime, take out some guards if possible so they don’t kill you while you complete the task. I suggest removing the Riot Shield bots first. Now go up the stairs, turn left and you will find the third laptop on the pool table. Activate it, go forward, turn left again and the final laptop will be in the couch in the gallery I have shown the location of each laptop in the images above for reference.

    You should be able to easily activate all four laptops within two minutes of unlocking the stronghold from the Market. All you have to do now is extract the encryption key that you carry with you. You can do this from a nearby exit point or complete a Hostage Rescue contract if one is available on the map.

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