Crush Crush – Parallel Events Basics and Tips


    This guide will explain the basics of parallel events. While both P2W and F2P also give tips to players.

    Basic information

    Parallel Events are recent events added to the Steam version of Krush Krush that give players the opportunity to not only unlock DX Organizations that were previously locked as rewards for people buying diamonds, but Lets you get new characters unique to them.

    Are there any game mechanics that are unique to Parallel Events?

    The only unique mechanics are:

    • Objectives that give rewards when completed.
    • A time limit to accomplish the goals

    How do parallel events work?

    Parallel events work like the base game with the exception that there is no reset boosting and it only gives you a limited amount of time to complete it.

    Each event has a set of goals that you need to complete that give you either rewards for the event itself or rewards for the main game, with the final reward being a new girl for the main game.

    The goals you will see are:

    • Job progress
    • Development of hobby
    • Earned money
    • Relationship development
    • Sleep jobs or hobbies

    Will events/characters ever return?

    All parallel events will be replayed and you will get another chance to get them.

    Gilding explained.

    What are gilding jobs/hobbies?

    Gilding is using a special currency of events to increase the speed at which a hobby is trained or

    Increase the amount of money earned from a job.

    How do I get a job/hobby?

    Next to a job/hobby you will see a grayed out event currency icon if you click on it the game will give you a popup asking if you want to give gold the event currency. want to spend for

    Hobby / Job

    Does guilding exist in the main game?

    Yes, guilding hobbies and jobs are a mechanic in the main game as well.

    Speed ​​boost explained.

    What is Speed ​​Boost?

    Speed ​​boosts are boosts that increase growth rate:

    How do I get a speed boost?

    We know 2 types of acceleration in parallel events:

    • Purchased for event currency in the Speed ​​Boost Shop.
    • Speed ​​boost gained from round rewards

    Speed ​​Boost from Shop:

    This speed boost is obtained by purchasing special event currency in the shop.

    So by now it’s maxed out on X64 meaning you’ll progress 64 times faster with it.

    how much does it cost?

    • You can buy 3 different one x2, one x8 and one x64 boost
    • The cheapest option in terms of event currency is x64, which is slightly cheaper.
    • x2 is not worth it you should just ignore it.
    • x8 and x64 are the ones that matter.
    • To maximize the speed boost you need to buy either x8 twice or an x64 because they multiply each other so x8 x x8 = x64
    • Cost (according to previous events) x8 for 50 event currency and x64 for 90 event currency

    Which one should I buy:

    • Don’t buy x2 unless you have no other choice it’s a waste.
    • Your choice is between x8 and x64.
    • x64 to be more cost-effective
    • x8 allowing you a speed boost at a modest cost

    Personally I would recommend getting twice the x8 as it saves a lot of time for little extra cost

    Where can I find it?

    You can find Speed ​​in the shop under the Boosts tab to the right of Time Skips

    Speed ​​boost from event goal rewards

    As you progress through the event the speed you can achieve from the goals will increase.

    This speed boost is not the same as the one you buy from the store so you can get both which is highly recommended.

    How do they stack up if at all?

    They stack multiplying each other so if you have a shop boost maxed out at x64 and a goal boost maxed out at x16 (based on the last event) that gives you a total boost of x1024 It will give meaning that there will be 1 day of progress. Like about 2.8 years without a boost

    Can I complete the event without spending money or diamonds?

    Yes parallel events are 100% possible without spending any money or diamonds

    How do I do this?

    Well first you have to spend time in the event if you choose right you will spend about 2/3 of the event time playing.

    For example the first episode lasted for 3 days you can complete it in 2.

    The second lasted for 5 days and could be completed in 3 and a half.

    The dos and don’ts of parallel events


    • Prioritize speed in the shop above all else.
    • Maximize your speed boost in the shop.
    • Plan ahead if possible.
    • Focus on the event.

    do not:

    • Discard event currency on time blocks.
    • Gold hobby unless you need it for some purpose.
    • Gold jobs unless you need extra money after maxing out or you need it for some purpose.
    • Buy time skips until you run out of time to complete the event.
    • Play the event like normal crush crush, time is limited so don’t waste it.

    I spend diamonds and still fail to complete the event.

    I can only think of an explanation if you spend diamonds on an event and still fail the event.

    You wasted the event currency you got with diamonds on early timescapes, timeblocks and gilding things you didn’t need.

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