Crazy City Codes for Emotes, Skins and More (May 2024)

    Updated May 20, 2024 – Checked for new codes.

    Here is the full list of all actives. Crazy City Codes Which you can use to get free in-game rewards, like emotes, skins, etc. We’ll keep updating this post with new codes as they come in, so don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit often.

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    Active Med City Codes

    • Welcome PlayStation – In-game cash
    • Degree – In-game cash
    • CJ – In-game cash
    • Z. D. MD – In-game cash
    • Conlord – In-game cash
    • Sushi – In-game cash

    Expiring codes

    • Frosty – In-game cash
    • NewCode250K – 250k in-game cash
    • Jacker – In-game cash
    • Today is Friday! – Cat Bounce Emote
    • Frozty – In-game cash
    • Cash 500 – In-game cash
    • Legendary -75K cash
    • NewRipTides 50K Cash
    • DegreeForTheWin – 2,500 XP
    • Ping
    • Test Twitter code
    • Billy Bounce – Billy Bounce Emote
    • 0MGC0D3 – Green Dots Vehicle Skin
    • 0N3Y34R – Birthday Fireworks vehicle skin
    • 5K37CH – Sk3tchYT vehicle skin
    • B34M3R – Sun Ray Car Skin
    • B3M1N3 – SPAS skin of the heart
    • Bandits – Bandit vehicle skin
    • D1$C0 – Disco Car Skin
    • KraoESP – KraoESP vehicle skin
    • M4DC1TY – Black Hex AK47 Vol
    • Napkin – Napkin net vehicle skin
    • Real Creek – Creekcraft vehicle skin
    • Ryguy – Ryguy vehicle skin
    • S33Z4N2 – Cool vehicle skin
    • S34Z4N3 – Plasma vehicle skin
    • S34Z4N4 – Purple Zebra vehicle skin
    • STR33TL1N3 – Street Line Vehicle Skin
    • T4L3N – Talon vehicle destroyer
    • TH1NKP1NK – Pinky vehicle skin
    • uNiQueEe BACON – MyUsernamesThis vehicle skin
    • W33K3NDHYP3 – Monochrome vehicle skin
    • datbrian – DatBrian vehicle skin
    • 100KCash – 100k cash

    How to Redeem Mad City Codes?

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem codes in Crazy City.

    • Open Mad City and wait for the game to load.
    • Go to the in-game phone (it’s the menu icon located at the bottom right of the screen)
    • Click on the Twitter icon.
    • Copy and enter any active Med City code from above in the text area and click the submit button to claim the reward.

    About Crazy City

    Crazy city is a popular Roblox open world action game developed by Schwifty Studios. It was released in 2017 and has since been played over two billion times. In Mad City, you must choose between the forces of good or evil. You can play as a cop, a hero or a prisoner. You can either try to keep the city safe with police officers and superheroes or you can add to the chaos as the prisoners.


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