Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is coming to mobile via Netflix Games.

    • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is the sequel to the original Cozy Grove, coming soon to Netflix Games.
    • It’s another title in a slew of indie hits coming to Netflix.
    • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit boasts more ghosts, more critters to face and more of the same game you love!

    Spry Fox, the developers behind Cozy Grove, have announced that their first title after joining Netflix Games will be a sequel, Cozy Grove: Spirit Camp! With pre-registration now in place, the sequel to Cozy Grove is set to hit storefronts on iOS and Android on June 26th!

    The original Cozy Grove takes place on a shifting island of strange spirits that you must seek out during the day and help silence these restless specters. Cozy Grove: Spirit Camp features more ghosts to encounter, more adorable companions, more activities and even more Cozy Grove you love.

    While some may be disappointed to see this game come to Netflix first, as far as potential releases go, we think Cozy Grove offers a very wide range of appeal for such a quirky game.

    You can pre-register for Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on The official website of the game.

    Hello Muda, Hello Fida, I’m here, Camp Granada

    We won’t repeat our usual thoughts on Netflix games (short version; great catalog, but we fear the current service won’t last), but one thing we’ve overlooked before is the great indie games on subscription. There is wealth.

    We think this is one of the overlooked strengths of Netflix Games, and starting with games like Into the Breach, adding more and more titles including Katana Zero and now Cozy Grove would have offered something more. which AAA-supported subscriptions do not have.

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