Compelling Information Search Walkthrough: Wartales (Bug Fix)


    To fully complete each region in a medieval strategy RPG Wartales, you must complete all of its quests. Whether you’re tackling the Compelling Information quest for the first time or are a veteran who couldn’t complete it due to a bug, read on to get the information you need in this walkthrough.

    Wartales Compelling Information Mission Walkthrough

    Compelling Information is a Wartales quest that you can complete in the Drombach County region. This is in the snowy northwest corner of the game map and if you play in a locked region, you’ll face some of the toughest enemies in the game, with levels ranging from 9 to 11.

    At launch, a bug affected many players, which meant that although they had completed the quest, it was not recorded as such. This bug was fixed in the April 26, 2024 patch, and returning players can find how to complete it below. To complete this quest as a new player, go to the Scholar’s Choice Market in New Asthel (checked above) and talk to the madam mayor. After she talks to you, she will leave the market. Follow her to complete the mission.

    Compelling Information Search Tutorial: Inquisition Officers

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    When you talk to the mayor (map above), she will inform you that the local innkeeper has disappeared. She asks you to Find the innkeeper and bring him back., giving him a possible clue to his whereabouts. Before leaving New-Asthel I suggest that she make sure have at least 1 python and More than 100 influences.

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    You will head to a mountainous area and you will need at least one python to finish the mission. I would take more, as they can also shorten the return trip considerably. When you find the innkeeper you will have two options, but you will need 100 Influence for each one. Otherwise, you will have to return to him later to finish the mission.

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    First you must talk to a group of Inquisition Officers who the mayor tells him that she previously spoke with the innkeeper. You will find them at the location marked on the map above. The easiest way to get there is to follow the path south and follow it west to the Tracker Camp. Stay on the path to the west. towards Mount Ernst Haven and you will meet the officers of the Inquisition along the way. It doesn’t matter if you lie (90 Influence) or fight them. Either way, you will get the following information.

    Compelling Information Search Tutorial – Valiant Tower

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    Next, you must go to Brave Tower. Follow the path you are already on and head west of Mount Ernst Haven, turning south at the junction. Stay on the path until you see the Rimesteel Mine to the west and then take the first opportunity to head east and climb into the mountains. You can’t miss Valiant Tower (see above for map location).

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    Enter the tower and talk to captain erulf. Again, you have two options here, and both will give you the information you need. If you threaten him (or fight him), you’ll get 30-40 Suspicion. However, since you’ll be spending the next time in the mountains, this will likely disappear before you see any more guards. Once this is done, Captain Erulf will point you to a cave high in the mountains.

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    Compelling Information Search Tutorial: The Cave

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    The location you need to go to next is Mount Ernst Cave. Please note that you must have a pitton to access this location, so don’t go there without one. Pittons are a standard Tinker recipe that can be made at your camp, as long as you have 1 iron ore and 1 rope.

    Head directly east from Valiant Tower, passing the trapper’s cabin towards the south as you go. Once you pass a large mountain to the south, start heading southeast until you see Mount Ernst Cave to the west. I have shown the piton position above. Use the piton to enter this valley and then head into the cave.

    You will find the innkeeper inside the cave, but unfortunately, he is trapped by some Polar bears. This is a battle you must have and it can be complicated.

    • The innkeeper: You must keep the innkeeper alive to win the battle, so be sure to put him back out of harm’s way.
    • Closed space: This battle takes place inside the cave, so you can be quite restricted (depending on your luck with the map layout). High DPS units with Unstoppable are very useful here, such as Pugilists and Rangers.

    Once the battle is won, speak to the innkeeper and pay 100 Influence to decide your fate. The reward is the same for both options (20 scenario mission points, 75 Influence, 150 crowns) and his decision is simply moral. Give him to the Inquisition for execution (monster) or return him to the mayor in New-Astel.

    Once you turn it in, the quest should be deleted from your quest list. If not, you can use the Wartales Convincing Information quest bugfix below.

    Wartales Compelling Information Mission Bug – How to Fix

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    If you had almost finished the Compelling Information quest but it still appeared in your list of unfinished missionsAs of Wartales v1.0.34505 you can now do the following to complete the quest:

    1. Gonna Brave Tower in Drombach County
    2. Once inside the tower, open your map

    This should validate the mission (it worked for me). You don’t need to talk to the soldiers (as the quest suggests); simply open your map once inside the tower.

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