COD: Modern Warfare 2.0 flashbangs are likely to be overpowered in multiplayer; inverted or dark mode also requested



    Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises in the franchise categories that are built from first-person shooters. Modern Warfare 2 was recently released on October 28th, and was praised by both fans and critics.

    This game is available on most major platforms, including PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox. Although the game received a lot of updates since its release, it still suffers from occasional bugs and problems.

    For example, we recently reported that the camo selection lights seemed too bright after the latest Season 01 update.

    As a main game, multiplayer has made it a difficult experience. Players face the flashbangs in the mode now.

    Flashbangs play multiplayer multiplayer 2D.

    According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple gamers face problems while facing flashbangs in multiplayer game mode.

    Accordingly, players’ disoriented face-offs make a lot of sense. However, flashbangs are extremely difficult to avoid.

    Some people are unhappy because of this issue. They can’t make some money while enjoying the game. Reddit has lots of criticism and memes about the overpowered flashbangs in the game.


    InfinityWard, should you buff Battle Hardened? The amount of flash bang grenades spam is ridiculous. The struggle has much to do to overcome. Source

    They ruin Shipment I literally get flashbang spammed at least every game every one is just spamming tacticals and cluster mines a real nuisance! Source

    The problem is especially bad in shipment mode, where most of the time he’s spamping is and results in terrible experience.

    Players demanding inverted or dark mode flashbangs.

    The players took to social media to express their concerns and feedback about the situation. Several have demanded the addition of dark or inverted mode specifically for flashbangs in multiplayer mode.

    According to gamers, these would allow them to use flashbangs without tying their eyes, which would make it easier for them to play. Battlefield 2042 also experimented with black flashbangs and players enjoyed this idea.

    If they implement this, players will be able to play shipment without need for sunglasses.


    i kinda wish that more games adopted the dead by daylight the way you were blinded instead of the pure white screen. Source

    the fact that the shipment is so dark and the constant flashing is so bright and the effects of it all cause terrible distress on the eyes and caused headaches. One solution was a blacked out flash grenade like this. Hoping the solution will soon get the attention. Source

    We hope the developers will listen to the players feedback and consider adding a dark-mode or inverted option to flashbangs in the multiplayer game mode.

    No official acknowledgment or an option for workarounds.

    Unfortunately, the developers have not officially acknowledged that the problem is with flashbangs in the multiplayer mode.

    Moreover, there is no feasible plan, to help solving the present problem.

    That being said, we’ll watch a movie that features flashbangs overpowered in the multiplayer multiplayer game in COD: Modern Warfare 2 and update this story with new information being made available.

    NB – a dedicated report tracks our call of duty issues.

    Some great image sources are CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

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