CoD has exhausted all its goodwill and players are hesitant to commit to buying Black Ops 6


    Over the years, Call of Duty has made a name for itself as the quintessential FPS and every year a new entry is released like clockwork. Unfortunately, new releases have slowly been draining all the goodwill out of the franchise with constant bad updates, lackluster balance, low content drops, and overbearing microtransactions. This has led to the community being reluctant to purchase the long-awaited Black Ops 6.

    Reddit user Luke_Skywalker_1977 jumped on the Call of Duty subreddit to ask whether or not people are interested in the upcoming Black Ops 6. His question is based on the continued decline of the Call of Duty franchise and the community’s ongoing sentiment of that the games simply don’t satisfy the desires of the player base.

    PapasvhillyMonster immediately jumped on the thread and said, “I can no longer trust any big game company with the shitty quality they’ve released in the last few years.” Many players agree with his statement, as the comment immediately garnered over 50 upvotes.

    As someone who has played every CoD, I feel the same way about the release of the remastered trilogy. While Modern Warfare 2019 gave us Warzone, it still didn’t hit the right marks despite being closer than its sequels; Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and 3 (2023) were disappointing, unimaginative, and creatively botched. So it’s no wonder why players aren’t happy to hear that CoD is coming back to Black Ops and that Treyarch is the one with its hands on the wheel.

    When asked if they were interested in the next Call of Duty installment, user Carnifex217 said: “Probably not, since they care less and less about cod nowadays.”

    Hide in book He chimed in with a softer attitude than the others, saying, “I’m always an optimist when it comes to Treyarch and they’ve had a lot of time to do this. But I don’t like buying $70 games anymore, so I’ll probably do it.” better”. They go with the hope that the game does well, but ultimately $70 is too much for a Call of Duty that can repeat the mistakes of the past.

    On the other end of the thread, players are expressing their frustrations with the current version of CoD and repeating that they are simply not willing to pay a high price for a possible failure.

    There are many things Treyarch can do to earn the goodwill of the player base. Toning down invasive microtransactions, some support for casual game modes, a deep look at skill-based matchmaking, and much more. All we can do is wait and see if Treyarch can pull a rabbit out of the hat or if we’re in for another year of middle-of-the-road content.

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