CoD Fan Handcrafts a Fully Functional MW3 Zombies Mystery Box, with Spooky Music Included


    Without a doubt, the old Call of Duty franchise has touched players around the world. Some fans go out of their way to show their appreciation for the games that brought them countless hours of happiness, friendships, and more over the years.

    A personalized and functional MW3 Zombies mystery box

    One fan sought to create one of the franchise’s most iconic Call of Duty icons; the Zombie Mystery Box.

    Reddit user 1hga1 spent his time hand-crafting the Mystery Box, complete with a jack-in-the-box style rope and great spooky music. The small wooden box has all the features you would expect from the Mystery Box, carved letters along the sides and the iconic question marks on the lid. It’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship, but that’s not all this Mystery Box has to offer.

    As they turn the crank and the music plays, they send me back to the old days, driving a Zombie train through Der Riese, or packing up the M1911 at Kino Der Toten and spending school nights with friends. Good memories. Once the lid can be opened, there is a surprise waiting inside.

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    The artisan not only handcrafted the beautiful Call of Duty Zombies homage, but also created a ring to hold the box. This uniquely designed ring is made up of all Zombies power-ups. From the Nuke to the Instant Kill skull, Double Points and even Firesale and the often forgotten Carpenter! With the power of the One Ring, I wonder if it has the power of Greyskull and Sauron combined.

    We love seeing the Call of Duty community creating little trinkets and coming together to remember all the years we’ve enjoyed a franchise. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content, be sure to check out MW3 Season 3 Growhouse Map Has a Special Surprise, Which Call of Duty Games Can Be Played on PC? and more in the professional gaming guides.

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