CM: High ping issue of Modern Warfare two after latest patch reported by a section of users



    The first-person shooter video game COD: Modern Warfare 2 was designed for various platforms. It introduced a bunch of new innovations such as AI and more.

    In the end, he was plagued by several bugs and problems. For example, we had previously seen how some of the modern Warszawa XP tokens were missing. That game had some trouble getting updated lately.

    “Contemporary War” is a high ping issue of the second generation.

    A number of players in modern Warfare (2,2,3,4,5,6) have now been experiencing problems related to high ping after the latest patch.


    MW2 is the only game that I play that has CONSTANT stutters, no matter what the ping or the size of the ping, no matter what the type of connection, no matter what the settings are. Source

    @Activision @CallofDuty Can a server fix it? Why the ping for more than 130 can cause harm and give me headaches. Source

    To show that it has lag, it can cause stuttering during the whole match. The results are directly affected by this fact.

    This is incredibly frustrating for the affected players as the increased number of ping makes the game almost impossible to play. Sometimes, playing something takes time.

    Some of the affected players even switched to Windows 10 to prevent the game from falling to the lagging line, a problem they were solving that looked to them.

    Source (Click/tap to view)

    There is no official word in sight.

    Unfortunately, infinity hatnt acknowledged several connectivity issues in the COD: Modern Warfare 2.

    We hope they find a way to resolve the latency bug as soon as possible and help us get through the gameplay.

    Keep an eye on these issues and update this story to reflect some important developments.

    NOTE: Check out the COD story tracker for updates to other bugs and problems.

    Featured image sources: COD.

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