Cities Skylines 2 is one step closer to fixing itself with cheap rework


    Paradox Interactive will address Cities Skylines 2’s economy in an upcoming patch by completely reworking it. While the main focus of the patch will be reworking the economy, it has also improved other elements, such as the building upgrade system.

    The economy in Cities Skylines 2 has been quite unbalanced since the game’s release. Performance issues were also common, but most of them were fixed (although not completely). Issues with production not generating enough income, certain services and industries not needing resources to generate income, disrupted exports and imports, and more have basically made the game’s economy a bit of a mess. The next patch will surely fix one or more of these problems judging by a new post about the next patch from the developers on the Paradox forum. The main goal of the patch is to address economic issues, as well as the importance of managing them and how player decisions affect them.

    According to the developers of Colossal Order, the implementation of the economic rework is already done and the patch is being “polished.” They also said that the patch will not fix all the problems, but they will make sure that the community’s expectations are met. Colossal Order has said that the patch is expected to release between June 3 and June 19, and more details will be coming soon.

    In addition to the game’s economic overhaul, the patch will also improve the building upgrade system. Due to this cheap patch, the Creator Packs have been delayed and will be released after the summer. The next patch will also be available after the summer and will include a lot of free content.

    It seems like a step in the right direction for Cities: Skylines 2 with this budget update. Once the economy is viable and balanced, the game will hopefully feel significantly improved from its launch state.

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