Cities Skylines 2 commits to changes in developer update


    An update message on Steam from the developers of Cities: Skylines 2 gives some hope to users and mod creators. The dedication shown by Paradox Interactive is promising and shows a long-term commitment to supporting both mods and the modding community.

    Cities: Skylines 2 Mods Available at Launch

    In a statement dated October 16, 2023 on Steam, Interactive paradox Confirmed mods will be available and ready to use from the first day of the game’s release. This is because they worked with content creators before the official release of the game. Players should also have the tools necessary to create their own mods quickly after launch.

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    Mods have a new cross-platform home in Cities: Skylines 2

    Not only will the mods be supported and ready to go from the day of the game’s release, but the developers at Paradox Interactive had another announcement to make. There will now be Paradox Mods, a formal place to house mods for Cities: Skylines 2 and other mods for the game. Paradox Mods will allow mods to work on both PC and console, which is the main reason the developers claim for creating the service.

    Console players will now have access to mods for Cities: Skylines 2. Many console games do not provide mod support, usually leaving it exclusive to PC players. This change should be positive for Cities: Skylines fans and players.

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