Cities Skylines 2 building upgrade system explained


    Cities Skylines 2 has come a long way from the original game or even any city building game, where building placement only had a limited effect on your gameplay. Now, however, Cities Skylines 2 has a new building upgrade system. I will tell you everything below.

    How do urban building and service upgrades work in Cities Skylines 2?

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    The new Cities Skylines 2 upgrade system increases the efficiency of almost all types of service buildings You can place in-game and then unlock new upgrades as you further develop your city, gain experience, and use development points through the progression tree. So let’s say if you had a crematorium, you could buy a temple upgrade, providing a benefit as +2 Wellbeing within a certain radius further improves the living conditions of my city.

    This entire system gives a lot of depth to Cities Skylines 2 compared to the previous generation. Even better: the updates are real placeable structures They don’t require any road connection, so you don’t have to worry about any pre-planning disasters like I usually have.

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    I think the new system adds a lot of character to the game and makes it much more fun to play without feeling abandoned after a while, making it more interactive by keeping you involved in a skill tree system, which then leads to a higher level system. . developing their structures.

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