Christmas 2022 short circuit today at 12:00, come and say hello



    Christmas is approaching, and we at Multiplayer we don’t want you to let us go and celebrate without a dying goodbye live. When we present a special episode of the Short on Twitch today at 12 o’clock, we offer them to end the year with a special arrangement.

    It will be our way to greet the community and wish us happy holidays, all from the best, spending time in the company. Of course all of us have an opportunity to contribute to the conference about the week, wished you all the best, and discuss how much you did in this period.

    Our trio are back in January this week – January 9 – 2023. The new year will certainly be interesting, and it’s already known that six months full of weighty exits will be the beginning, yet now we can talk about what awaits us.

    On the other hand, there is room for questions and messages like those you can send in writing or from our Telegram group. We’ll broadcast as much live as we can!

    Follow them in the dedicated or directly on our Twitch channels, possibly using the official app on iOS and Android. Please register to receive the notifications!



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