Cheapest 83-ranked player in Ultimate Team to complete EA FC 24 SBCs


    If you need to complete SBC in EA FC 24, you will need to know the cheapest 83-rated players in Ultimate Team. The important thing is not to overspend, coins are scarce at this stage of the game, so these players should help you save money.

    Most SBCs in EA FC 24 will have the minimum rating required to complete this. The more challenging the SBC, the more high-ranked players you’ll need, and the more you’ll need to spend.

    83 rated cards will remain some of the most important cards. the game, so we will keep updating this section with the cheapest options at Ultimate Team. Here are the cheapest 83-ranked players in EA FC 24.

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    EA FC 24 cheapest 83-ranked players

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    Below we’ve listed the 18 cheapest 83-ranked players you can buy in EA FC 24, along with their prices.

    More cheap 83-ranked players below…
    the player Price
    Paulina 850 coins
    Alex Greenwood 850 coins
    Marcelo Bruzovic 850 coins
    Sherida Spetses 850 coins
    Wally Orban 850 coins
    Jimenez 850 coins
    Alvaro Morata. 850 coins
    Clara Buhl 850 coins
    Magdalena Eriksson 850 coins
    the player Price
    Katharina Nasheen Wang 850 coins
    Julia Gwynn 850 coins
    Sarah Dorson 850 coins
    Sebastian Haller 850 coins
    Laura Fragging 850 coins
    Laura Persniker 850 coins
    Marco Reyes 850 coins
    Marina Hagering 850 coins
    Marco Asensio 850 coins

    You can get plenty of 83-level players for under 1,000 coins, and none of them will cost you more than that if you don’t want them. There are plenty of players in this range that you can break the bank for, but for SBCs, there’s no need.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these cards stay around the same price as well, as 83s rarely go up especially with SBCs due to their sheer supply in the market and pack. It’s not the best place to invest, but I still find it very useful to know which one is the cheapest to complete the challenge.

    As the market ages, this will improve, so make sure you check back in as this guide will be updated regularly with any movements over time.

    How much does an 83-rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

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    You won’t need to spend more than that. 9,400 coins 83 to form the rated squad. This means that even if you have nothing in your club, you can still complete an 83-rated SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

    In the past, I’ve had 83 ranked players, some of the best players, especially during the early stages of the game when completing SBCs. Now that the game is completely over, their value seems to have settled, making them much more attainable as well.

    That’s all you need to know about the cheapest 83-ranked players in EA FC 24, allowing you to complete the latest SBC squads at no extra cost.

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