CES 2023: The PlayStation VR2 and the PlayStation 5 will be a protagonist at the Sony conference


    Sony’s conference at the CES 2023 seems to be destined to have as protagonists PS5 and PlayStation VR2 given that the latter in particular is clearly visible in the livestream on January 4, 2023.

    There’s no detailed information yet about the conference contents, but the image you can see in the preset streaming embed is almost explicit.

    At least, PS VR2 is destined to play a big role in the event, as it was reasonable in its wake of the announcement.

    Sonys keynote at CES 2023 is scheduled for January 4th, 2023 from 2:00 to 3:00 o’clockclock, in the morning, that’s quite for the European public, but it’ll continue to be interesting to all who wait for Sonys new virtual reality viewer.

    For the rest, Sony is unlikely to announce a lot of big news on PS5, but some additional details on the PlayStation VR2 launch are likely, as well as detailed demonstrations of the viewer’s technical specification.

    Please remember that PS VR2 is available from February 22, 2023, so the launch is imminent and will close to the CES 2023 event. With regards to PS5 more generally, it’s possible that Sony is aiming for an event much more specific to the videogame industry, as it has always been in recent years.


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