Can You Respec Stats in No Rest For the Wicked?


    No Rest for the Wicked is an ARPG from Moon Studios that seeks to redefine the genre while still keeping core elements intact. One such element is the ability to respect stats, which allows players to adjust their builds during progression. If you’re wondering whether this game features the option, here’s our guide that answers whether or not you can respect stats during No Rest for the Wicked.

    How to Respec Stats in No Rest for the Wicked

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    Unfortunately, in the case of No Rest for the Wicked, there currently is no way to respect your character’s stats. Some players have echoed concerns about this as it’s normally a fundamental part of the ARPG experience.

    As you make your way through the beginning areas of the game, each time you level up you’ll notice that you get 3 points to use to boost your character’s stats. These range from Health and Strength to Intelligence, Focus, and ‘Equip Load’ (or carry capacity, in other words).

    It’s a tough choice to know which stats to prioritize, especially when starting out and trying to get a feel for the game’s environment and combat system. You might want to opt for raw strength, dexterity, and carry load, and then realize that you want to try out a different type of weapon that has different stat requirements.

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    Instead of starting the game over entirely, the option is usually to respec your character’s stats altogether, to figure out a different build that works better for your play style. Games have slightly different ways of doing it, such as visiting a specific NPC or doing it at your in-game “hub”, or personal quarters.

    However, that sadly isn’t the case in No Rest for the Wicked. The developers at Moon Studios have yet to respond about the lack of a specific option, and it’s not yet known if and when a change will come in a future update. We will promptly update this article if so.

    Until then, you’ll need to be especially careful about how you choose to spend those stat points. It may be wise to test different weapons and builds out early and restart before getting too far along, to minimize any setbacks.

    That concludes our guide that answers whether you can specify stats in No Rest for the Wicked. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know how you’re enjoying the game so far. Do you think a respec option should be added?

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