Call of Duty X Doom Crossover has a retro surprise.


    Long before Call of Duty took off and dominated the jungle, the prehistoric FPS genre was driven by the mighty dinosaur DOOM and its spin-off series Quake.

    When DOOM ran the show, there was a clear bottleneck of underpowered consoles,”father“The genre was fought like a hungry T-Rex. Despite being 30 years old, this fossil has a legacy that spans the entire arcade shooter genre – its bones are studied and celebrated.

    Despite Eternal (2020) earning a respectable 88 rating on Metacritic, DOOM has now been eclipsed, but its successor, Call of Duty, now pays homage to the series that founded the genre. kept Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 have an impressive DOOM bundle that includes a retro surprise.

    Call of Duty’s Doom Bundle pays homage to the ‘Father’ genre

    Relaunched in 1993 on MS-DOS, Sega 32X, Atari Jaguar, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), DOOM Dub As “Undoubtedly the most important game“In the genre. With that in mind, it makes sense that Call of Duty is honoring it with a collaborative bundle.

    Call of Duty’s Doom crossover adds weapons: a “Super Shotgun“and one”Chainsaw” Melee Blueprint. Both feature a pixel spray death effect similar to old-school Doom graphics, where blood and gore are blown from an enemy after a kill.

    These effects also become progressively bloodier as reactions with each kill. Most impressively, these DOOM weapons also come with the low FPS graphics of the OG 1993. While it may seem like you’re holding back, it’s actually a fun and expressive nod to how DOOM was played back in the day.

    Importantly, the Pixel Spray Death Effect has no physical effect on your shooting and performance. You can enjoy these retro graphics while racking up those kills.

    Call of Duty X Doom Low FPS Guns are appreciated by fans.

    Click to enlarge.

    With the DOOM bundle resonating with older gamers, fans have quickly appreciated what looks to be the smartest Call of Duty crossover ever.

    One player quickly confessed his love for her, saying, “Well that’s incredible, that’s the kind of effort we want to see in bundles and collabs

    Other Call of Duty personalities also acted with respect. “It looks fantastic, whoever worked on it should be very proud.“FPS streamer Ali said”short story“Kabani”It is magical.“, added Caster Miles Ross, the LA Thieves page also commented,”Well it’s summer.

    It looks like the new DOOM bundle has now set the bar for Call of Duty crossovers.


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