Call of Duty fans chant ‘broken’ shotgun that’s killing everyone


    Doom is upon us, Verbatim. Just as Call of Duty and Warzone launched an official DOOM collaboration, fans began to perish in the flames of hell. A shotgun inspired by the 1993 game sent us all straight into oblivion.

    As part of the Call of Duty X Doom crossover, the popular “Super Shotgun” within the series has been included as a blueprint for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, but its SuperThe lative was not to be underestimated.

    The DOOM shotgun is ready to wreak havoc in Call of Duty.

    The DOOM Bundle has yet to be officially released in Call of Duty, with its release slated for later in Season 6, but early footage of its pure power, and its curse, has been found.

    Making the rounds on Twitter, the Super Shotgun is powerful enough to kill Warzone enemies in one shot, even if it looks funky with its low FPS visuals.

    Fans immediately slammed the gun, with one fan saying, “Why they thought this was a good idea is beyond me.” added another, “Lame… let’s ruin warzone with all the little temmies running around with their AAs tapping people through the smoke.

    Of course, the chain melee is just as powerful, but it means you have to get even closer to an enemy before it can dismember them.

    Call of Duty broke a shotgun attachment to avoid a pay-to-win scandal.

    Click to enlarge.

    Interestingly, with the DOOM shotgun behind a paywall, the developers have now decided that all builds of the Lockwood 300 – with a special attachment – will be devastating.

    As James found”JGODGodoy, the Lockwood 300 will one-shot a player equipped with a Matuzek 812 barrel to a range of about 10m, even if the Warzone player has a full set of plates.

    The attachment has likely only been buffed to comply with the DOOM shotgun to avoid having a pay-to-win weapon included, but Warzone is also going to be this gun’s playground.

    This has now sparked debate over whether Call of Duty deliberately releases overpowered guns and attachments for revenue bursts only to damage them later, as fans are concerned about the pattern. I have known.


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