Bully actor begs Rockstar for Bully 2


    It’s been 17 years since Bullworth Academy last rang its bell, and with school well and truly out for the summer, could it be time to give up on our hopes of Bully 2? While even the most loyal fans have, those involved in the game itself are now begging Rockstar Games for the sequel. 

    Although Rockstar is largely riding the coattails of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption these days, let’s spare a thought for the likes of Max Payne, Manhunt, and Bully. Of them all, Bully has the most GTA-esque appeal that we could still see working in 2023.

    Bully actor demands Bully 2 from Rockstar

    Bully followed the adventures of the miscreant James “Jimmy” Hopkins, with voice actor Gerry Rosenthal voicing the delinquent thug. Now, Rosenthal has posted a passionate message, saying, “Rockstar, when are you going to make Bully 2?” To be honest, it’s a question we’ve all been asking.

    He continues, “You don’t have to cast me in it, but for the love of God, there are a lot of people out here who want to play this game. And I don’t care what it’s going to cost, I don’t care if you’ve done your little metrics and you know what it costs to make versus what you think you’re going to sell.

    Just make the God damn game already, okay?” Asking the developer to “do one for the little guy,” he says he knows it’s not a big money-maker like “GTA 27,” but reminds Rockstar that a loyal legion of fans wants to play it. He concluded, ‘It means a lot to a lot of people.” 

    What happened to Bully 2?

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    Much like how we heard a GTA IV and Red Redemption remaster were scrapped, it seems Bully 2 befell the same fate. Rockstar New England was supposedly working on Bully 2, which was tipped to push its boundaries as an open-world game. Apparently, attention was moved over to Max Payne 3. 

    By the sounds of it, we were once poised to have more than just Bully 2. It was recently spotted that an ex-Rockstar dev had Bully 2 and Bully 3 on their resume, suggesting that (at one point), a trilogy was planned. Sadly, this was years ago, meaning things inevitably changed.

    Rosenthal has previously said the same, posting a similar call to arms back in 2019. Even if Bully 2 was in the pipeline, Rockstar is so busy giving us GTA 6, we’re unlikely to see a sequel until the end of the decade. Let’s just hope we don’t get one of Rockstar’s lacklustre ports of the OG to fill in the gaps.


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