BTROblox Extension Guide: What is it and how to download



    By default, the Roblox experience on Chrome or any other browser is a bit lackluster due to the availability of unnecessary ads that appear all over the screen. But, thanks to the suggestion of many popular and veteran YouTubers in the Reddit community, now I can enjoy using Roblox without annoying ads with the help of BTRoblox extension. As the name suggests, BTRoblox is a browser extension that provides several essential features such as blocking ads, hiding chats, and even a Robux cash converter to buy cheap Robux in other countries. So if you want to know more about the extension and how to install it on your PC, then read the guide below.

    How to install BTRoblox in Google Chrome

    Follow the given steps to install BTRoblox on Google Chrome,

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    • On the new web page, press the button add to chrome option on the right side of the menu.
    • Grant the appropriate permission to add the extension.
    • voila! You have added the extension to your browser. You can see the plugin from the extension menu.
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    Remember to add an extension to Google Chrome. You need to sign in to your active Google account.

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    How to install BTRoblox on Mozilla Firefox

    If you’re not a big RAM-guzzling monster: Google Chrome and you use Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps below.

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    • Click on the add to firefox button to add the plugin to your browser.
    • After clicking, the plugin will be added and enabled by default.

    How to uninstall the BTROblox extension

    Regardless of your browser, you can uninstall the BTRoblox extension simply by pressing the Remove button from your plugin list.

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    How to use the BTROblox extension

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Once you’ve added the extension to any of your browsers, they’ll be enabled by default, meaning you don’t need to toggle the plugin every time. Visit the page and click on the extension to see the BTRoblox menu.

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    Is it legal to use the BTRoblox extension?

    Yes, it is legal to use the BTRoblox extension as it is just a plugin that helps organize and enhance your Roblox UI experience. Still, we strongly recommend that you use the plugin at your own risk.

    What is the BTROblox extension?

    BTRoblox is a third-party browser extension with various features to enhance your Roblox experience. Some vital features include hiding ads, embedding inventory, and previewing items. The extension was made as a side project by a part-time coder named Antiboom. As of now, the extension is available to equip on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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