Bounty Pang is a new game coming from the visual studio behind Brawl Stars.

    • Bounty Pang is a newly announced game from Octopo Studio.
    • The developer previously worked with Supercell on Squad Busters, Brawl Stars and Clash Quest.
    • Bounty Pang is a shooter/RPG with stylish 2D graphics.

    Developer Octopus Studios has announced its latest game, BountyPang, an impressive mix of RPG and shooter. The studio, which previously worked with Supercell on the highly anticipated Squad Busters, unveiled the game at a business conference in South Korea before showing off some of the gameplay and art behind the new title.

    Bount Pang is a mix of an over-the-shoulder shooter and a bullet hell game. You play a red-headed warrior using a bow and sword to fight hordes of enemies that bounce across the screen, preventing them from reaching you from below. It features a sort of pseudo-3D look and stage transitions, as well as a whole host of bosses with a variety of unique attacks.

    You can watch the showcase trailer for Bounty Pang below!

    Collecting heads

    While, of course, the main thing that caught our attention was Octopus Studios’ previous work with Supercell, we have to admit that BountyPang itself looks pretty interesting. The ‘over the shoulder’ gameplay with you shooting down hordes of enemies gives us some Space Invaders vibes while being much faster paced than that classic arcade game.

    We can also definitely see where the design elements of Squad Buster came from in Octopus Studio’s own work, and all the best parts of it are here in Bounty Pang, along with the bubbly, bright designs.

    While we don’t have a solid release date yet, we do know that Bounty Pang is making its way to Android via Google Play!

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