Black Reliquary – Forbidden Trinkets explained.


    This guide will explain the proper changes that trinkets make since the tooltip doesn’t explain much or almost anything.

    Forbidden Trinkets Explanation Guide

    Live ammunition

    This takes effect after a kill with the musketeer, until then you will only have the negative effect of the trinket. Live ammo changes how the Musketeer’s first 4 skills work, as does each different type of ammo. Here are the changes (experienced skill at Lv1):

    • Standard Shot: -20% dmg, heal yourself for 8 on hit.
    • Smokescreen: debuff (100% debuff chance) +30% blight amount received.
    • Buckshot: Debuff -100% healing, -100% blight cure chance (110% chance for both).
    • Bombardment: Blight 2/3t (100%).

    We can assume that numerical values ​​change depending on the difficulty and possibly the level of how other trinkets already work. Overall, this looks like a good trinket that gets more value with a blight-based team.

    Don’t forget that when you have a live ammo bullet equipped yourself, the negative goes from -20% to -5% thus almost negating the damage part.

    Pure amber core

    This trinket basically transforms the entire character into a new one and it’s up to you whether you like it or not after one hit with Dredge.

    It changes the mech skills with a different name but I won’t bother to mention it, just changes from what we have to the new one (tested at Lv1):

    • Steel pillar changes to: XXOO – OOXX, -35%dmg armor piercing, +50% dmg vs umberblighted, +40% heat.
    • Wyrd Conflagration changes to: XXOO – OOOO (no longer AoE) -70%dmg, prep ACC, ignores Amberblights, +15% Heat.
    • Prismatic Doom turns into: XXOO – OOXX, +25%dmg, 2trs cooldown, +40% heat, debuff self: -15%dmg, +15%dmg taken.

    As you can see, Punch can no longer be performed at rank 3, nor does Prismatic Doom reach rank 3 or gain the bonus vs. mark. Wyrd is no longer AoE but reaches any position. While some of the numbers may look strong, I personally think this trinket is a waste of resources because it doesn’t allow you to deal damage on foot and during a match if you basically have someone in two hits. If you don’t get hit, you are forced. Match till you die.

    Remnants of the Empire

    After hitting, the trinket takes effect and replaces two of the Crusader’s support skills.

    Basic Skills (Lv1):

    • Battle Heal: Heal 6, +25% better healing the higher the target is hit.
    • Impressive Cry: Heal 2, Heal 5 Strain, +5 Torch.

    With item it changes to:

    • Battle Heal: Heal 8, heals Wound/Blood, Self: Blade/Blight 2/3t (120% chance).
    • Impressive Cry: Heal 2, Apparent Horror, -5 Torch, Buff Target: -30% Stress received. Debuff Self: Horror 2/3t.

    Like live ammo, numerical values ​​depend on skill level and we can estimate with difficulty area.

    Personally, I don’t think that’s enough to make the Crusader the sole healer of the group – since you’ll be doing more damage than healing yourself from the early game on. It’s a good idea for an item but the downside seems too extreme.

    A perfumer’s needle

    This trinket is self-explanatory however it doesn’t tell you that it has special interactions with certain characters.

    If you give this trinket to a flagellant, the reposted target will make a blood check the same way it makes a blight check for a shield breaker.

    If you know of another similar interaction, let me know in the comments so I can edit it.

    Pile bunker

    Even if it seems self-explanatory, I’ve seen some people confuse the “receive 20%” bit. Just to clarify, this replaces 20% of the damage your character takes – yes you’re killing yourself, if you crit a unit that had 1hp left to die. So you have to take his full damage ( 20%) he is not 1hp. Because of how overkill works, I don’t think Trinket is worth it.


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