BitLife: How to Complete the Last Resort Challenge


    If you want to know how to finish the last resort challenge in BitLife, you must start by creating any character of your choice and then follow the steps indicated.

    The BitLife Guide to the Last Resort Challenge

    To complete the Last Resort Challenge in BitLife, you must complete the following tasks in any order.

    • Drop out of high school
    • Getting fired from a job in the adult film industry
    • Start an Onlyfans Page after Getting Fired
    • Post videos longer than 5 feet
    • Become one of the Top 10% content creators on OF

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    How to drop out of high school in BitLife

    Start any life and your parents will automatically enroll you in school when you turn 5. Keep getting older and, at 16, you’ll enter high school. press the Abandon button from the School Activities tab to leave high school and finish the goal.

    How to Get Fired from a Job in the Adult Film Industry in BitLife

    The second goal is to be fired from a job related to the adult film industry. For this to happen, you must first have a career in the adult industry. After turning 18, look for a job with the Adult Film Studio label in the Full Time jobs section. During my career, I became a porn actor. So whatever suits your tastes.

    Once you have the job, reduce your working hours to less than 30 hours a week and increase your age. Immediately, you will be fired from your job, ending the objective.

    How to Start an Onlyfans Page after Getting Fired in BitLife

    The third goal of the last resort challenge is to start an Onlyfans page. Click on the Social media option in the Activities tab and choose the Onlyfans platform. Register on the platform to move on to the next mission.

    How to post videos longer than 5 feet on BitLife

    The penultimate task is to post videos longer than five feet. Open your Onlyfans account from the Activities tab. Choose the Publish option and select Foot Video from the list of post suggestions. Upload five of those feet videos to complete the task.

    How to Become a Top 10% OF Content Creator in BitLife

    The final task is to break into the top 10% of content creators on OF. To do this, simply continue publishing content on the website. Upload sexy videos, photos or feet videos. Over time, your content will go viral and start moving up the ladder. After 5-10 years, you will reach the top 10% on the platform.

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