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    With the endless possibilities in Baldur’s Gate 3, it is only natural to wonder about how many options there are for relationships. I noticed that many of my companions tend to flirt and start creating relationships based on their approval of me. Throughout the events of Baldur’s Gate 3, I managed to impress a few companions, who were then open to taking our relationship to the next level. This also begs the question regarding possibilities in Baldur’s Gate 3: How can I romance multiple characters?

    What Companions are open to multiple romances in BG3?

    You can romance multiple characters, but it depends on what companions are involved. While some characters are open to a polyamorous relationship, others will not be so fond of the idea. So far, there seem to be only a few limited options for polyamorous relationships. Here are the companions who are open to multiple romances:

    • You + Halsin + Shadowheart
    • You + Halsin + Astarion

    Astarion and Shadowheart seem to be the most open to polyamorous relationships, but will not be ok with other romances further into their relationship tree.

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    Other characters will not mind you having minor flings with your other companions, but they will change their minds if you take the relationship further. Some characters will absolutely despise you if you choose to romance a character they hate. Watch out for how your companions interact, where their goals lie, and their moral standpoints to see how they will interact if you decide to start another relationship while romancing them.

    The following companions cannot be in polyamorous relationships with anybody else on the list:

    • Astarion
    • Gale
    • Karlach
    • Lae’zel
    • Shadowheart
    • Wyll

    This does limit the possibilities of romancing multiple characters, but there are still standard companions that can be romanced with the Origin characters, but it still seems like Shadowheart and Astarion are the most open to a polyamorous relationship.

    Try to keep track of your companion’s approval of you and your other companions. If you decide to romance two companions who hate each other, like Shadowheart and Lae’zel, you may end up on one’s bad side, but you can mend relationships with the right dialogue.

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