BG3: How to Investigate the Suspicious Toys in Baldur’s Gate 3


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    Before entering the city in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will have a lot to do. The sprawling refugee camp in Rivington contains a massive number of quests, including solving a murder or two, tracking down some shapeshifters, and one nasty case of exploding toys. I had some trouble with the latter quest as it’s got a lot of moving parts to it, so you might need some direction to get it started.

    Investigate the Suspicious Toys Walkthrough (BG3)

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    In order to begin the Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest, you need to have reached Act 3. There are two ways to start this quest, so I’ll walk you through the whole thing from the beginning, ensuring no steps are missed.

    It all begins in Rivington—the suburbs outside of Baldur’s Gate’s walls. There, either enter the barn and find the toys, or infiltrate Arfur’s Mansion—I went the latter route and found him outside the mansion with several mercenaries around him, asking a family to leave his home. If you or one of your party members with an Illithid worm in their heads interacts with Arfur, you will be given the option to read his thoughts.

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    Infiltrate Arfur’s Mansion

    On a successful roll, you will find out he is hiding something in his basement and is afraid one of the family members will find it. Talk to him about his problem, then either side with him or the family. If you side with Arfur, you will have to help kick the refugees from his home, which will earn you disapproval from some of the characters you might be bringing around with you. If you side with the refugees, you will need to kill the mercenaries outside, but make sure to leave Arfur alive (if he is dead, you will not get access to the next steps of the quest).

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    Afterwards, head into Arfur’s home and go straight through the house from the front door. Inside Arfur’s office will be a locked hatch on the floor by the southeast-facing wall (X:33, Y:-72). Unlock it with the best lockpicker in your party (usually Astarion or other rogue character with great lockpicking skills), then head down into the depths.

    At this point, you will need to be very careful, as Arfur’s secret basement is loaded up with traps. There is a trapped chest in the back corner of this room; disarm it and unlock it to find a blackmail letter with instructions to put some explosives inside of teddy bears before donating them to the refugee camp.

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    Enter the Barn

    If you started with the barn, snuck inside, and discovered the dangerous toys first, you will get a quest to investigate around the camp to find the culprit. Question every guard and ask all the NPCs in the area, and you will find out Arfur is a toy maker, leading you to his part of this quest chain. Again, make sure to leave him alive or you won’t get to continue.

    Explosive Toys Location in BG3

    There is a requisitioned barn in the southeastern-most corner of the Rivington map where you should look for guards on patrol. If you have already found the blackmail note, you can speak to the head guard named Manip Nestor and gain access with a successful persuasion roll.

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    There are other ways to get into the barn, including lying about trying to find a prized pig. The important thing is you don’t fight your way in; you will need the guards on your side.

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    The northern-most corner of the barn (X:85, Y:108) will have a trapped chest full of toys. Manip will follow your party over to it, and he will take care of disposing of the bombs. He will then charge you to figure out who would do such a thing, which calls for finding the errant Arfur and asking him some hard questions.

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    Arfur’s Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

    Arfur has relacted to Sharess’ Caress, the brothel in Wyrm’s Crossing. Look behind the curtains on the main floor by the bar; he will be by the bard playing the violin (X:20, Y:73). Intimidate him or read his mind to find out the blackmailer has him pick up packages in the Lower City (in a location called Felogyr’s Fireworks).

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    He also gives you a pass to get into the Lower City. If Arfur is already dead in your playthrough, you can still infiltrate the Felogyr’s Fireworks (X:4, Y:-126), but you will have to find a different way to get inside the city without the pass Arfur gives you. You can also get inside by helping with the Open Hand Temple murder investigation or fighting your way in.

    Felogyr’s Fireworks in Lower City

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    Once you enter the Lower City, head to the west to find Felogyr’s Fireworks (marked near the Heapside Strand waypoint). I just went in guns blazing and killed everyone inside, but you can also use stealth to get to the upper floors. You’ll find the evidence you need in the third-floor office on the desk; there are several notes with information on explosives deliveries. If you haven’t killed everyone inside the building, you will need to return to the guards in Rivington and give them a rundown of who provided the explosives for the teddy bears.

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