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    True Love’s Embrace and True Love’s Caress are a pair of rings with the power to connect a Warding Bond between the wearers. The Warding Bond rings can be found in the Reithwin area of the Shadow-Cursed land. Here is the location of each ring and how to find it.

    True Love’s Caress Ring Location in BG3

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    True Love’s Caress is a ring that can be found in the cemetery located north of the Grand Mausoleum in Reithwin Town. The cemetery is located between the House of Healing and the Mason’s Guild.

    Go into the cemetery and you will come across a skeleton on the right side of the path, near a tree. The skeleton has the True Love’s Caress Ring, which is the ring that allows the wearer to receive the Warding Bond spell.

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    True Love’s Embrace Ring Location in BG3

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    True Love’s Embrace can be found in the House of Healing, east of the cemetery. The ring is located in the room with beds in the southwest corner of the House of Healing. The skeleton can be found laying on the ground between two beds and will have the True Love’s Embrace ring on them. The True Love’s Embrace ring allows the wearer to cast Warding Bond on the wearer of the other ring.

    What does Warding Bond do in BG3?

    Warding Bond is a spell that allows the caster to grant an ally Resistance to all damage, and a +1 bonus to their Armour Class and Saving Throws. It can be cast as an action every long rest by the wearer of True Love’s Embrace for the wearer of True Love’s Caress.

    Warding Bond Rings Map Location in BG3

    If you are having trouble finding the exact location of the skeletons, check out the map below and check the following coordinates to help find the rings.

    • True Love’s Caress: (X-151, Y43)
    • True Love’s Embrace: (X-208, Y-1)
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