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    Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of bosses and enemies and some of them can be eliminated without inciting combat. Gerringothe Thorm is one of these bosses and you can defeat this enemy simply by choosing the correct dialogue options with skill checks. Naturally, you need to have a good party composition to add to deception, persuasion, and intimidation advantage bonuses. Here’s how to defeat Gerringothe Thorm in BG3.

    Where to find Gerringothe Thorm in BG3 (exact map location)

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    Gerringothe Thorm is located at the Tollhouse located in Reithwin Town in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. The exact coordinates to this boss’s location are X: -111, Y: -85. This boss is located on the middle floor of the Tollhouse, climb the vines to reach the stairs that lead to the upper floor. You will also find several Visages around the Tollhouse. These Visages echo a warning, and they will turn hostile if you fight Gerringothe Thorm.

    Can you defeat Gerringothe Thorm without fighting in BG3?

    Just like Malus Thorm, there is a peaceful way to defeat Gerringothe Thorm by selecting the correct dialogue choices. This boss has around 600 health, so inciting combat wouldn’t be the best choice for your party. The Tollhouse has multiple floors and Gerringothe’s minions are spread across on different floors. You’d start the fight at a disadvantage, so I would recommend eliminating the boss without fighting. Keep in mind that you need to pay this boss only one piece of Gold, from which point you can control the interaction by performing different skill checks.

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    How to quickly defeat Gerringothe Thorm in BG3

    To defeat Gerringothe Thorm without combat, you’ll need to pass a group of skill check rolls. I would highly recommend comprising your party with members that have great charisma, intimidation, deception, and persuasion abilities. I tried eliminating this boss both as a Rogue and as a Wizard to get a better understanding of the dialogue choices. You’ll find that a Rogue like Astarion can quickly end this fight with his deception and persuasion skills. Here are the questions and choices you’ll encounter while facing Gerringothe Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Dialogue choices with Rogues

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    When Gerringothe asks “What do you bring?” it’s best to select the “What do you require?” dialogue choice. This will reveal what the boss needs, which is gold. Next, select the “Toss a piece of Gold” dialogue option.

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    Once Gerringothe asks for more Gold, you can select the “If I give you gold, what do I get in return?” dialogue choice. To this, the boss offers passage across the river. You can also select the Rogue-specific dialogue choice “Only a fool easily parted with gold – what’s in it for me?” This forces Gerringothe to rage and ask for more Gold again.

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    From this point on, I’d recommend engaging the boss by asking for more details. Gerringothe informs you that the gold is not for personal use but as a toll payment. It’s best to select answers that pacify the situation instead of inciting combat.

    When Gerringothe says, “You may pass the River, but you must pay,” I selected the Rogue-specific dialogue choice saying, “The toll-collector scam is old and uninspired.” This triggers a DC18 check, which you can easily pass with a charismatic character like Astarion.

    Next, Gerringothe says, “Trick, no trick. I require Gold.” Respond with, “Look I’ve run this scam myself, I know it’s a trick.” This was another DC18 check for my Rogue character, making it the easiest way to defeat Gerringothe Thorm.

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    Dialogue choices with Wizards

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    For a Wizard, I found that there are a few extra dialogue choices that you can explore. At the start when the boss asks about what you brought, choose the same “What do you require?” dialogue choice. You can also select the “Magical expertise. I have a presentation on Weave dissonance” prompt, but it ends up getting the same response.

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    When the boss asks for a piece of gold, select “Toss the creature a gold piece.” Following this, Gerrengothe will ask for more gold, and you can question the creature about its purpose here.

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    Selecting the “I don’t hand out so much gold for so little in return” dialogue option forces Gerringothe to offer passage across the river for more gold.

    From here, select the “Why stay in this rotten building? Take your gold and be free” dialogue option that leads to a DC18 check. Successfully passing this difficulty class check takes the conversation forward.

    When Gerrengothe says, “The Gold is not for me, it is for the toll;” select the, “Says who? Seems to me there is no one here to oversee you” dialogue option. This is followed by a DC21 check, passing which the boss eliminates themselves.

    Best party composition to defeat Gerringothe Thorm in BG3

    Astarion, Gale, and Wyll are brilliant party member choices to have during the Gerringothe Thorm boss fight. I used Astarion on one of the saves to explore the dialogue options. This helped me to discover that using Astarion’s Rogue dialogue choices ends this boss interaction within seconds. Rogues can convince Gerringothe that this toll-booth scam is old and pointless, at which point the boss gives up the gold and defeat themselves.

    Likewise, I used my Wizard/Warlock class character to find a similar set of dialogue choices that lead to the same ending. Usually, you’ll face a couple of DC checks during these dialogues, and for me, it was a DC18 and a DC21. Persuasion and Deception choices will work brilliantly in this situation, yielding an easy elimination of this tough boss. Once Gerringothe is eliminated, collect the rare Morningstar mace from the body. Remember, these choices will depend on your character, and you gain certain advantages from your party during DC checks.

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