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    Shadowheart is a Trickery Domain Cleric that can make for a very powerful companion in Baldur’s Gate. Not only can Shadowheart be a great healer, but she can also have a lot of damage output and can control combat with a variety of buff and debuff spells. Shadowheart can also benefit from a number of feats that can be unlocked at certain levels. Here are the best feats for Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Shadowheart Best Feats in BG3

    There are a few feats that can enhance Shadowheart’s abilities or increase her AC or health to keep her in the fight. Here are the best feats for Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Feat Description
    Ability Score Improvement You increase one Ability by 2, or two Abilities by 1, to a maximum of 20.
    Lucky You gain 3 Luck Points, which you can use to gain Advantage on Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, or Saving Throws, or to make an enemy reroll their Attack Rolls.
    Resilient You increase an Ability by 1, to a maximum of 20, and gain Proficiency in that Ability’s Saving Throws.
    Tough Your hit point maximum increases by 2 for every level you have gained.
    War Caster You gain Advantage on Saving Throws to maintain Concentration on a spell.
    You can also use a reaction to cast Shocking Grasp at a target moving out of melee range.
    Heavily Armoured You gain Armour Proficiency with Heavy Armour and your Strength increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.

    The feats that are best for Shadowheart boost her support abilities and can make her harder to hit and take down. The best feats depend on how you want to build Shadowheart, but if you are sticking to her being a support Trickery Cleric, these feats will help her in combat.

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    Lucky can be used to help Shadowheart maintain important Concentration Spells by re-rolling saving throws and Resilient can also help with those spells if you decide to increase your Consitution, as it is the ability score used for maintaining Concentration. Tough and Heavily Armoured can make Shadowheart a little more tanky, which can be important since you do not want your support and healer to go down. War Caster is a nice option for a feat, as it will also help Shadowheart keep Concentration and allows her to use Shocking Grasp as a reaction instead of a melee attack.

    The ability score improvement is always a great option to boost Shadowheart’s Wisdom, Constitution, or even her Strength or Dexterity. Higher Wisdom will help Shadowheart with spellcasting ability and important checks like Perception and Survival. A Constitution upgrade helps Shadowheart gain health and maintain Concentration, which is very important. Strength or Dexterity upgrades are not as important but can help Shadowheart with melee ability, Initiative, and checks.

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