Best Zabu Marvel Snapdeck & Counter


    There are the best decks that players can create using Zabu. They use Zabu to amplify your locations with strong four-cost cards.

    The first season of 2023 is here. The new addition has been made. Zabu is a new three-person card that gives you a lot of information about your skills.

    It’s the ability to create some pretty strong decks with a four-cost card. Here are the best decks to use with Zabu in Marvel.

    Table of contents.

    • The best Zabu Deck to Dominate Meta, by Doming the Best.
    • One Card of the best Zabu Premier Deck.
    • How to counter zebu decks in Marvel Snap?

    Best Zabu deck for use in meta-structure.

    Here’s the list of cards that you should have on your deck to dominate the meta with Zabu in Marvel Snap.

    Card DesignCardCostPowerAbility Double-splits are not necessary for two sets. He will buy a card. Zabu32Ongoing: Your 4 Cost cards cost more than you have. (minimum 1). Jubilee44On Reveal: Play a card on your deck at this location. Drax44On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +4 Power. Exception44On Reveal: Remove the abilities from the ongoing cards at this point. Attuma410If you have another card here at the end of your turn, destroy it. Typhoid Mary410Ongoing: Your other cards have -1 Power. Crossbones48You can play this only at some areas where you are the winner. Warpath45Ongoing: If you’re unable to have any remuneration, you could use 5 points of power. Omega Red45Note: If you’re ahead by 10 Power here, +4 Power to other places. Red Skull515Ongoing: At this location, Enemy cards have +2 Power.

    This deck will bring momentum for turn 4-6, which isn’t bad for the game. The biggest factor is the ability to pull Zabu by turn 4. This guarantees you can play a number of card with four cost ends at the end of the game.

    Zabu is the new passport of the Savage Land Season Pass. Only players who purchase the Season Pass for only $49.99 can take this and its variant.

    When using Red Skull, you want to use Enchantress or Zero to detest its ability.

    This deck has a few abilities that can impact your play negatively, so using Enchantress and Zero to counter them can benefit your deck and bring out the best of its abilities.

    Please don’t group Zabu with them. Enchantress wouldn’t stop its ability before Turn 6.

    This stand in Zabu is awesome and one of the funest. As soon as Marvel launches battle mode for you to play with a friend, you’re able to get into the game using to surprise them.

    1 oz zabu smewyps: No card only in pool jr.

    Here is the best beginner deck in Zabu that you can build with only the only available cards in the Pool 1. Players build this deck with cards they have passed on the Collection Level 1-214.

    Card DesignCardCostPowerAbility Korg12On Reveal: Shuffle a Rock in your opponents deck. Ant Man12Offered: If you have 3 other cards here, + 3 Power. Nightcrawler12You can move this once. Tioben: Take the top of your opponent’s deck. Zabu32Ongoing: Your four-cost cards cost less than the cheapest one-card. Jubilee42Rame-Jobs: Play a card from the deck at this time. Moon Girl44On Reveal: Duplicate your hands. Ka-Zar44Ongoing: Your 1-Cost cards are equipped with +1 power. White QueenSea’s Reveal: Draw the highest cost in your opponents’ hands. Jessica Jones44On Reveal: If you don’t play a card here next turn, power is 4 lbs. Devil Dinosaur53Ongoing: +2 Power for each of your cards in the hand. America Chavez69The card is always drawn on turn 6 and not before.

    This is the best Zabu Beginner Deck because it gives you two different avenues to win and helps you defeat your opponent in first half.

    The only way to play Zabu in turn three or four should you turn four or three. This allows you to build the right combination for turns 5 and 6 with all your four-cost cards.

    if you don’t pull Zabu on the 4th turn, you can use Jubilee to get him out or take him closer for a big 6th turn.

    If Zabu didn’t appear, you could have a good play using Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

    How to counter-zabu-savern in Marvel Snap.

    The best way to fight Zabu is by stopping him in achantress or removing its advantage from Magneto, Rogue, and Sandman.

    With Enchantress, your opponent will have a decent turn four, but you can stop any big turn 6 that they planned.

    This will help you with the more effective way to use Sandman. There are some decks that are thrown together in the Zabu area. Limiting your opponent to one card per turn can severely affect your deck’s effectiveness.

    Since many decks have high-cost cards, the use of Rogue is also helpful as it’ll let you steal Zabus capability.

    Magneto can be useful, but it can be situational. It depends on the cards the opponent has played and if you think that you can beat them by Magneto.


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