Best Witcher 3 Euphoria Build


    The Euphoria mutation is arguably one of the best and strongest mutations you could develop in The Witcher 3. It’s a great choice for those looking to combine swordsmanship with alchemy in their version of Geralt because it significantly increases damage. of the sword and the intensity of the signal as its level of toxicity increases. The upper part of the build’s skill tree focuses on buffing the damage of fast and heavy attacks, as well as providing a strong boost to overall attack power through mutagenic synergies. The lower half of the tree is what really sets this build apart, with a variety of alchemy abilities that allow you to consume multiple decoctions and potions during combat, keeping your toxicity as high as possible to deal maximum damage in a short period of time. weather.

    What skills do you need to build the best Euphoria?

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    To get the most out of this build, you’ll need the following skills in the levels outlined below:

    • Muscle Memory – Level Five
    • Precise Strikes: Level Five
    • Whirlpool – Level Five
    • Rend – Level Five
    • Sunder Armor – Tier Five
    • Resolution – Level Five
    • Hunter’s Instinct – Level Five
    • Synergy – Level Five
    • Increased Tolerance: Level Five
    • Refreshment – Level Five
    • Delayed Recovery – Level Five
    • Adaptation – Level Five
    • Killing Spree – Level Five
    • Acquired Tolerance – Level Five
    • Tissue Transmutation – Level Five
    • Cat School Techniques – Level One

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