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    Gems are the main currency of Roblox Anime Defenders as they are used for various purposes such as rolling units, unlocking traits, etc. So, if you are looking for useful ways to earn gems quickly in Anime Defenders, then your search ends here. .

    How to Earn Gems Quickly in Roblox Anime Defenders

    There are many ways to farm gems easily in the game. Obviously, Anime Defenders allows you to buy a bunch of gems in exchange for those valuable Robux. But if you don’t want to spend real money, here is a list of some free methods to get gems quickly in Anime Defenders:

    Complete missions

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    Completing daily, weekly, and infinite missions is one of the most effective ways to get gems in Anime Defenders. Each mission you complete will reward you with at least 50 gemswith the potential to earn up to 500 gems with a single mission, especially the weekly missions.

    After finishing the challenge, go to the missions section of the main menu and click on “Say” to receive free gems. As the names imply, the daily and weekly challenges are updated every 24 hours and seven days, respectively. So be sure to check back daily to earn free gems.

    Infinite grind mode

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    Infinite mode, as the name suggests, is the map without a final wave, meaning it is entirely up to your skills to go as far as you can without dying. According to the game mechanics, you will be rewarded with certain gems by clearing waves, which means that the possibilities of winning are also endless in Endless mode.

    For example, I got 40 gems by completing the first wave. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you use this particular mode if you have completed all the daily and weekly missions.

    AFK Agriculture

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    The developers of Anime Defenders understand the importance of gems in the game, so they have introduced an AFK lobby feature that rewards you with free gems just for being there. Simply teleport to the AFK lobby and the game will drop gems every few minutes. There is also a timer on the screen that shows when the next batch of gems will drop.

    Redeem codes

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    Finally, we all know those glorious redeem codes that give free rewards when you redeem them. While there aren’t many active Anime Defenders codes available right now, you can still use some of them to get free gems in the game.

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