Best Veteran Sniper Builds in Warhammer 40k Darktide


    Warhammer 40k Darktide offers its players four Operator classes to choose from. Each class has their own unique abilities and weapons to suit their play style. Ogryn Skullbreaker is a melee fighter, a Psyker has a mage role on the team, Zealot Preacher is a jack of all trades, and Veteran Sharpshooter is the provider of ranged firepower. In this guide, we will cover the best build for the Veteran Sharpshooter.

    The most effective equipment for the veteran sniper in Warhammer 40k Darktide

    The most effective loadout for the veteran sniper in Warhammer 40k Darktide is mostly based on your choice of ranged weapon. With Ogryn Skullbreaker and Zealot Preacher’s mob removal abilities, you should focus on providing ranged firepower. You’ll need an effective melee weapon to deal with specials and elites too, and Veteran Sharpshooter has an excellent selection of Power Swords and Chain Swords for the job. Here is the best weapon build for the veteran marksman:

    • melee weapon: Power Sword/Chain Sword
    • ranged weapon: Recon laspistol/bolter

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    We feel that out of all the Lasgun builds, the Recon Lasgun is the most optimal for general use in the Veteran Sharpshooter. It provides the best rate of fire, with its Rapid Fire trait allowing it to fire on full auto. A large ammo pool means you’ll get more out of it before it runs out. You will have flexibility in choosing the melee weapon, as both the Power Sword and Chain Sword work very well. It comes down to personal preferences and advantages of particular weapons.

    We’ve put together the following list of feats in the veteran shooter:

    • Level 5: exhilarating takedown
    • Level 10: tactical reload
    • Level 15: bio-optic orientation
    • Level 20: unwavering focus
    • Level 25: one after the other
    • Level 30: against fire

    The focus of this list is fighting against elites and bosses. Both Ogryn Skullbreaker and Zealot Preacher should take care of the hordes. Tactical Reload is always a great option at level 10 because it allows you to keep shooting as the fight gets intense. You usually don’t want to spend too much time recharging.

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