Best things to buy early in Armored Core 6


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    Armored Core 6 offers a lot when it comes to part customization for your mech. There are so many stats that it can be hard to choose which parts you should buy when you start off. Thankfully, I’m pretty far into the game, and with hindsight, I can tell you what specific items you should definitely buy first, early on. Here are the best early-game items you should get in Armored Core 6.

    Best early Parts to buy in Armored Core 6

    LR-036 Curtis

    Kicking things off, the Curtis Linear Rifle fires high-speed bolts that can be made even faster if you charge the weapon. The most important thing about this weapon is how ammo efficient it is in proportion to the amount of damage it does per shot. Get this first.


    Next on the list, we have the Kasuar Reverse Joint legs, which allow you to take advantage of verticle combat through leg-assisted jumps. With the other leg times, you’ll be needing to use your precious EN (Stamina) to get into the air. However, with these legs, jumps fling you into the air without any sort of cost. Best of all, these are some of the first leg parts you get access to. Buy them and don’t look back.

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    This handgun packs a really powerful punch. It is capable of dealing heavy Damage and Impact to most targets early on and is quite accurate. Even better, you can dual-wield two of these bad boys for double the trouble. Just be mindful of your limited ammo while using them. I recommend pulling these out on shorter missions where ammo isn’t a concern. Still, you can’t go wrong with a trusty pistol or two.


    This Back Unit laser cannon is the first one you’ll unlock in the game, and it comes with a plethora of perks. Firstly, it does not require a reload, meaning you just need to be careful not to overheat it. Secondly, as a back weapon, you need not sacrifice your arm weapons to use it. Thirdly, and most importantly, it does massive Impact damage from a charged shot, making it a great pairing with many other weapons in the game. Even now, as late into the game as I am, I still pull this thing out on occasion.

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    Best early OS Tunings to buy in Armored Core 6

    Boost Kick

    This is a kick that can be used while you’re in the middle of an Assault Boost. It is powerful, it does a lot of Impact damage, and most importantly, it is free regardless of your build. With only one upgrade tier, it is a no-brainer to pick up first.

    Pulse Armor

    This upgrade provides you with a powerful shield at a moment’s notice. Pulse Armor dramatically boosts your survivability. Just like with Boost Kick, it is free once you’ve purchased it once. A second purchase earns you a second charge of the shield. I recommend getting at least the first charge early on.

    Weight Control

    Due to the limited parts you have early in Armored Core 6, it can be difficult to balance out the weight of your mech. Being overburdened prevents deployment, which is not good. However, with the Weight Control OS Tuning upgrade, you can bypass this at the cost of your mobility. Your mech will take a big hit, but you’ll be able to deploy with the biggest guns you have. Just be sure the mission requires the sacrifice.

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