Best TFT compositions for set 9.5 (October 2023)


    Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 has many traits, boosts, items, and synergies that may confuse some players on the best direction to secure a victory, so I’ve made a list of the best TFT comps for Set 9.5 to help you. gain. a place at the top. These builds are compiled from my personal opinion, player data and win rate percentage, and comprise the ten most chosen builds for patch 13.20. These builds will help you achieve at least a top four position to help you rise through the ranks.

    Best TFT Builds for Set 9.5

    10. Void Kai’Sa for set 9.5

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    Void is one of the best and most difficult comps, a staple of sets 9 through 9.5. Being an incredibly powerful team composition if you can get a Void Emblem and have the ability to play. 8 champions of the void With an upgraded Baron Nashor on your board, you can’t go wrong. You will want to have the emblem on fioraas it gives Kai’Sa some additional attack speed, but you can also use taliyah since the Multicasters are dominated (synergizing with Vel’Koz).

    9. The winner Xayah for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    Vanquishers came to TFT with Set 9.5 and on paper the stats they give you are insane, with lots of critical damage. If you put down 6 Ionia, you’ll have Enlightened Xayah as a wielder, restoring 5 mana per attack, raining down feathers on everyone, and dealing a lot of damage. Just make sure you have at least 4 winnersand ideally 6 Ionia if you have the option to choose an emblem.

    8. Demacia Kayle for set 9.5

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    While Demacia as a whole may not come as a surprise to most players, Kayle might, as she is only a 1-cost champion. However, she can be ridiculously powerful if you put the right items on her and, along with at least 7Demacia and a couple of Assassins Since Mordekaiser is in place, you’ll be guaranteed first place.

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    7. Gunner Jayce for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    I overlooked Jayce for a good portion of set 9, but in set 9.5, I realized his potential along with many other players. It is especially due to the addition of Gangplank, which is just an icing on the cake 4 or 6 gunners you must field, and also 3 pilots as you try to get your T-Hex up to par to finish on top.

    6. Noxus Mordekaiser for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    Mordekaiser is my favorite champion in TFT Set 9.5. He is extremely powerful, and if you manage to catch him early with a bunch of Noxus, you will quickly get through most of the game without taking many losses. Ideally, you want to have 7noxos champions plus a couple of Killer (ideally Aatrox, since he’s also a Juggernaut). If you end up getting a Noxus emblem, definitely put it on Aatrox.

    5. Bruiser Cho’Gath for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    I’ve been underestimating Bruisers for a long time, especially Cho’Gath, since he’s only a 1-cost champion. One thing I learned from Set 9.5 is that it doesn’t really matter if a champion is low-cost; If you are a good enough level with them and have the items, they will be extremely overpowered. If you manage to get all this plus 6 thugs All in all, you’ll find it very easy to beat him, as the Bruisers from set 9.5 not only deal a lot of damage, but placing Cassiopeia and Milo with good items will give you more strength as you progress. 2 summoners stay back, holding it down.

    4. Bruiser Nilah for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    All said and done, the Bruisers are pretty strong in the 9.5 set, but so is Nilah. The only problem is that she crumbles like paper without tanks. That’s why you need 6 thugswith Ashe and Nilah as your main carriers, so they can jump in and stay back, dealing lots of damage while your goons keep the fort under control. In case you get a Bruiser emblem, simply roll it at your favorite 5 cost.

    3. The winner Nilah for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    I think I’ve already made it clear how powerful Vanquishers can be, but they are also very vulnerable to attacks since they are of course not the best tanks. If you match at least 2 winners with plenty of tanks and include some Bilgewaters, Juddernauts and Bruisers, and Nilah like you carryyou will surely win the game or be near the top, no less.

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    2. Twisted Fate multicaster from Bilgewater for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    Twisted Fate joined us in set 9.5 as a 2-cost champion with the Multicaster and Bilgewater features. I remember playing Multicasters all the time in set 9 and nothing has changed since then, like all multicasters They are still some of the best of the entire set. If you roll Twisted Fate a couple of times and get Nautilus to give you Stagnant Waters and Juggernaut, you are practically guaranteed to win the game.

    1. Multicaster strategist for set 9.5

    Image by MyFullGames via MetaTFT

    Something about team competitions that give a boost to the entire team is just different, which is why I love playing. strategists. If you pair them with Multicasters (who are all in the back lane receiving at least 40 more ability power and 600 shield), the power of your champions and especially Multicasters getting is ridiculous. you will want to do twisted fate your carry, and if you get a Warmind emblem, put it on Taliyah since it doesn’t really matter who gets it.

    These builds are a roadmap for which builds you can use to win; you can modify them with your own additions. With so many magnifications, the TFT world is unpredictable. Then, try these TFT compositions for Set 9.5.

    If you’re not sure which boosts to use with these builds, check out the TFT Boost Tier List here on Pro Gaming Guides.


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