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    Rings are an amazing way to enhance your character in BG3. Some can increase Ability Scores or grant proficiencies, while others can give us spells and features. Since we only have space for two rings on each character, it is important to know which ones are the best for your class.

    I have listed the rings below and ordered them by Acts to avoid unnecessary spoilers. This way you can find the best gear for your current level of play.

    Best Rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1

    Ring of Flinging

    This ring grants the wearer a 1d4 bonus to throw damage and is ideal for a Barbarian since the bonus damage applies when shoving enemies off cliffs, and when throwing creatures or objects. At low levels, 1d4 can quickly stack up and make a difference.

    It is easy to get this ring at Druid’s Grove by purchasing it from the trader Arron (X: 204 Y:515).

    Smuggler’s Ring

    This item is ideal for Rogues since it gives Stealth +2 and Sleight of Hand +2 at the cheap cost of Charisma -1. It comes very handy in early-game to pick locks and disarm traps or steal from distracted NPCs. I have it on Astarion, and together with the Gloves of Thievery, there is no lock capable of stopping us.

    You can find it in The Risen Road if you loot a skeleton that is hidden in a bush below the bridge (X:58 Y:512).

    Ring of Absolute Force

    The ring allows the wearer to cast the level 1 spell Thunderwave. Even when the damage output begins to fall short at higher levels, this spell is incredibly useful for the ability to push several enemies at the same time—have fun shrugging off melee attackers and throwing them down the cliffs.

    You can loot the ring from Sergeant Thrinn at Grymforge.

    Ring of Protection

    This is a great option for early game since it gives the wearer +1 AC and +1 on Saving Throws. For Classes like Wizards and Sorcerers who cannot wear armor or Light-Armor-wearers like Warlocks and Rogues, this increment in AC can mean a lot. I chose to pair this with the Braces of Defense to give Gale a chance of surviving.

    You can obtain this ring as a reward from Mol at the Druid’s Grove, after you steal the Sacred Idol of Silvanus.

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    Best Rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2

    Risky Ring

    This ring will grant you Advantage on all your attack rolls, but give you Disadvantage on your Saving Throws. While it seems as if the boon is offset by the bane, some characters can gain much from this ring.

    • The first one is the Rogue, which needs to have Advantage on a target to be able to use its Sneak Attack. On top of that, Rogues can crit on a 19-20, which is a 10% chance; add Advantage to that and you double your chances of Critical Hits to an amazing 20%.
    • The Fighter class can also be paired with this ring since they get the feature Indomitable at level 9, which allows them to re-roll a failed Saving Throw, compensating for the disadvantage.

    You can buy this ring from the vendor Araj Oblodra at Moonrise Towers (X:-125 and Y:-190).

    Snowburst Ring

    Whenever the wearer of this ring deals Cold damage, it creates a 15ft circular surface of ice around the target. I remember how during the Early Access of BG3, cantrips were able to create surfaces of their type. Later that was deemed too overpowered and ever since, only spells of level 1 and above can alter the environment. With this ring, however, a simple a cantrip as Ray of Frost can become a powerful weapon.

    You can find it at the Last Light Inn, under a plank (X: -76, Y: 158).

    Coruscation Ring

    When the wearer deals spell damage while illuminated by a light source, they also inflict Radiating Orb upon the target. This status effect substracts 1 from every Attack Roll the target does in its next turn; it also shines bright light, affecting nearby creatures that are sensitive to daylight. I gave this ring to Shadowheart because she is wielding The Blood of Lathander, a weapon that is always casting light.

    You will find this in a chest underneath the Last Light Inn (X: 44, Y: -733).

    Shadow Blade Ring

    This ring allows you to cast the 2nd level spell Shadow Blade, which deals 2d8 psychic damage and has Advantage against lightly or heavily obscured targets.

    If you saved the Tiefling girl Arabella during Act 1, you can find her again in the Shadow Cursed Lands near the House of Healing (X: -151 Y: 21) and tell her to go to your camp. She will give you this ring after you find her parents in the House of Healing and take a Long Rest.

    Killer’s Sweetheart ring

    After killing a creature, your next attack will be a guaranteed critical hit. I gave this ring to Karlach because she is my main DPS, but whoever is the heavy-hitter in your party can find great benefit in this item.

    The ring is found on the ground in The Gauntlet of Shar after the Self-Same trial.

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    Best Rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3

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    Ring of Combat Regeneration

    At the beginning of your turn, this ring heals you 1-4 hit points. Especially useful on characters with lower HP, such as wizards, it can make a difference between life and death.

    You can buy it from Rolan at Sorcerous Sundries.

    The Burnished Ring

    This ring grants us the amazing feature of the Paralyzing Ray. As an attack roll and not a save-based spell, this is a highly effective move that renders an enemy useless for an entire round.

    The Burnished Ring is dropped by a Spectator at the House Of Hope (X: -6491 Y: 2932

    Crypt Lord Ring

    This ring allows you to cast the 6th-level necromancy spell Create Undead. Since it doesn’t require concentration, it can be effectively used by any class, but it works the best with characters that can bring their summons back up to life, like Circle of Spore Druids.

    You can earn this ring at the city of Baldur’s Gate. In the Lower City, Mystic Carrion will give it as a reward for the quest Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant if you bring the zombie Trumbo alive.

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