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    In Starfield, you can have quite a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Of that arsenal, there are enough different types of pistols in the game to fill all of your precious quick slots in a flash. However, which pistols really are the best that Starfield has to offer? Which ones should you waste your materials modding? Here’s our list of the best pistols in Starfield.

    Strongest Pistols in Starfield

    Since every weapon you get can have its own set of special abilities and modifiers, the following list is focused on the base of each pistol you can get in Starfield. With that little disclaimer out of the way:


    The Magshot is one of the strongest pistols in Starfield due to its unique ammo mechanic and high base damage. A common Magshot is still more than enough to fill a lowly pirate with holes, as the gun fires several shots with just a flick of the trigger.

    Urban Eagle

    As the name sort of implies, the Urban Eagle is Starfield’s version of the classic Desert Eagle features in many other games. The Eagle has always been known for its exceptional stopping power per bullet, and in Starfield this is no different. If you’re looking for an ammo-efficient weapon that can put down even the worst foes in just a few shots, look no further.

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    In a similar fashion to the Urban Eagle, the Razorback is Starfield’s answer to your classic revolver. It packs a massive punch, and with the proper mods, can easily act as a pseudo-sniper rifle due to its great accuracy and range for a pistol.

    Var’runn Starshard

    This unique pistol deals both physical and energy damage with a single press of the trigger, making its base damage very high compared to some of the big hitters on this list. This is balanced out with a very low fire rate. Even so, this thing has an unlisted mechanic that leaves a deadly DoT (damage over time) effect on targets hit by it.


    The Solstice is very likely the most ammo-efficient pistol in Starfield due to most enemies dropping its required ammo. Ammo is somewhat limited early on in Starfield, but the Solstice is a fantastic fallback when you don’t really need the ammo-limited big guns for the given scenario.

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