Best Party Formation for Proving Grounds in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    The futuristic fortress is unforgiving and inhabited by various monsters. Without using the best party formation for Proving Grounds in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you won’t get very far.

    Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Proving Ground Party Guide

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    Your formation has three main groups: forward, rear and support. Front units are typically tanky and deal damage, while rear units typically heal, control status lineups, and attack from a distance. Below is the formation that turned out to be the best for Proving Grounds in my playing time.

    The best front units for testing grounds in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    You can put three units on the front line and their placement is important. The center unit usually suffers the most damage, so the front center slot is going to Yuthus. This shield guy is a great tank unit, but he can also jump and protect other frontline soldiers from attacks.

    The side spaces are reserved for the two mandatory characters for this part of the game. The top position goes to our protagonist, now. He is a well-rounded character, but his greatest quality is his ability to combine powers with other characters. The other side slot goes to garoo, a humanoid kangaroo with a giant sword and an Australian accent. He is a sturdy unit that deals damage, similar to Garr.

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    Best Backup and Support Units for Proving Grounds in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

    Marisa She is one of the three required Proving Grounds characters and is a guardian, like Garoo. She is a great support unit as she can heal but also deal solid damage with her Rune Lens and her melee attacks. Marisa occupies the central position because she is the most durable of the three.

    francesca She is a great asset to any build because she is a combination of melee fighter and healer. She can heal entire groups and unleash devastating combos on enemy units. However, she’s not very good at taking damage, so we put her on the top flank.

    Finally, there is Kuroto with his trusty crossbow. It’s a great ranged unit, but when equipped with the right Rune, it can also heal allies in trouble. Kuroto’s position is on the lower flank because he is often on higher ground, which improves his accuracy.

    The best support unit for Proving Grounds is Cassandra, the elf innkeeper Despite not offering any bonuses for gathering resources, Cassandra is immensely useful. Once you have her in your party, you can change formation at any save point instead of going to the inn.

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